Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask Starter Kit Review

A cautionary tale about why you should ALWAYS read instructions first!

Instead of a normal review where I just tell you what something looks like and if it’s any good, I thought I’d try something a bit different.  Today will be part review (and ramble) and part warning. The product is the Deep Cleansing Mask from Liz Earle and the warning?? 

Always read the instructions before you use a product!!!

follow instructions

“Is that it???” you all cry out in horror! It seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? But how many of you have bought a product and in a excited ‘I’ve got something new’ frenzy, slapped it all over your face/body/err other?? (ooh err) and not bothered to look at all that teeny tiny boring information on the box first? When it comes to technology I am an avid instruction fan. I get everything out of the box, check everything is there, check it all looks OK, read the instructions several times and only then will I turn it on and use it. I kid yee not…it took me 3 hours from the moment I actually opened the box of my iPhone for me to turn the damn thing on!!!

So, over a month ago a little box landed in my garden (because my postman sometimes likes to sign for parcels himself and then throw them over my fence) and inside was the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask Starter Kit. The kit consists of a 75ml tube of product and two sponges.

Liz earle deep cleansing mask

I read the front of the bottle, which confirmed (as suspected) that it was indeed a face mask, the small portion of text on the back of the tube that said ‘leave on for 5-10 minutes’ and off I went fully armed with all the knowledge I needed to use the product. What a silly Wedgie. I slathered it all over my face and sat waiting for miracles to happen. My cheeks went a little tingly, but that’s not usually anything to worry about with face masks. Then my cheeks felt a bit tight which again is not usually something to worry about. Finally it came to wiping it all off and when I looked up into the mirror I was presented with a reflection that looked a little like this…


Don’t worry, it didn’t turn me yellow…but I did have incredibly red cheeks and the same confused expression on my face.  My poor cheeks were red and blotchy and not at all happy that I had subjected them to 10 minutes of hell.  So there was me not thinking the best of this and wondering which member of my family I could give it to until…
Mr Wedgie: What’s this green stuff?
Me: Face mask…it made me look like a blotchy Pikachu!!
Mr Wedgie: Why don’t you just use it on the oily bits like it says on the back then?
Me – Errrrr!! Huh?
You see…I have particularly evil combination skin and tend to have dry sensitive cheeks and a very oily T-Zone.  Had I read the instructions on the tube I would have seen the words ‘Use as often as needed; as an all over treatment or on specific blemishes or problem areas’ and ‘Not suitable for sensitive skin’.  Facepalm moment!  I had just bodged it all over my face when really I should have a teeny bit more selective about where I put it.  So I tried it again…and actually realised that this did work and I did like it.
It’s a really light mask, but you don’t actually need to use a lot to get decent layer of coverage.  This time I applied it just to my oily bits (forehead, nose and chin) and avoided my cheeks completely.
Liz earle deep cleansing mask-swatched
After 10 minutes my greasy bits were oil free, smoother and my pores looked much better.  Success at last!!  Considering that I initially hated this product I now think that it actually does a pretty decent job.  If you’ve got really oily skin then this would work brilliantly for you.  If like me you’ve got combination skin with some sensitive areas then this would be great for just your problem areas.  If you’ve got sensitive skin, or have skin that is prone to reacting to certain skincare products, then I would avoid it completely.
The mask is available from Liz Earle with prices starting from £4.85 for a 15ml trial size.
So time to fess up…have you ever had any minor mishaps or major catastrophes because you didn’t read the instructions first?

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