Lingerie Solutions for Revealing Summer Fashions

Summer fashions usually come with tight, skin-revealing pieces. Unfortunately, if any of these pieces are worn with the wrong lingerie, you might end up looking racy instead of sexy. Maintain your stylish and respectable look with these lingerie solutions for revealing summer fashions.

Cut-Out Outfits

Dresses and tops with front keyholes and other unique cut-outs make for good summer fashions, but they can be challenging to wear. Don’t risk a nip slip by covering your bosom with an adhesive body bra . All you need to do is place them over and under your breasts for effortless style coupled with maximum protection.

orange cut out dress

black cut out dress cut out top

Low-Cut Outfits

Summer is the perfect time for you to wear your low-cut outfits! Whether it’s a low cut top or pantsuit, you don’t have to worry about taming your chest. You can keep them in sexy and orderly fashion with the help of a low cut body suit. With this, you don’t have to worry about taping your breasts – and fearing that they might let loose anytime soon!

printed low cut dress white low cut pantsuit

Backless Pieces

Because of the intense summer heat, I won’t blame you if you decide to sashay around town daily in a backless top or a backless dress. While these outfits are very liberating, you still need to conceal your chest properly. For these clothes, you are best off with a bra with adhesive wings. Perfect for summer fashions, this magic bra often comes with adhesive tape, back straps, and detachable halter straps. For the adhesive bra to work well, make sure to stick it to dry skin.

striped backless dress floral backless dress black backless top

Mini Skirts

Summer fashions call for mini everythings – mini shorts and mini skirts included. While they are very cute, a strong wisp of wind here and there can expose your tighty whities! So if you don’t want to have an unflattering Marilyn Monroe moment, then make sure to wear your mini skirt a cute pair of tap shorts. Even if the wind blows your way, you don’t have to worry as you are fashionably safe with tap shorts.

floral mini skirt white mini skirt

Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress is one of the sexiest summer fashions. Although some styles are not exactly revealing, they can expose bra lines and panty lines. So if you plan on wearing a bodycon dress to any occasion, it is important to wear good undergarments – ones that can prevent creases and bunches that can make you look like the Michelin man. A mid-thigh body suit is the perfect solution to this sultry summer outfit.

white bodycon dress peach bodycon dress

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