Fashion lessons You Should Learn from Kendall

Kendall Jenner is one of the biggest names in the beauty and fashion world right now. At such a young age, Kendall has already achieved so much and that includes her landing the covers of a number of magazines, being signed up as the face of some of the biggest brands like Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein and having a very successful modeling career, among others. Kendall is also known as a style icon to lots of girls all over the world. Here are some lessons in fashion you should learn from Kendall.

  • STICK TO NEUTRAL COLORS – Kendall gets constantly dolled up for work so when she’s off duty, you will see her sporting more laidback outfits in neutral colors. Neutral colors aren’t just versatile, they give you lots of flexibility and wiggle room for layering and accessorizing as well. They also add that easy, casual vibe to your look which is perfect for everyday outfits.

kendall and kylie girly outfits

posh outfit

  • REMEMBER THAT LESS IS MORE – Kendall’s style is really simple but really chic and fabulous as well. Her style secret? Less is more. Seldom would you see Kendall out and about wearing layer after layer of clothes and accessories. She always keeps her looks clean and easy.

kendall jenner white tank and jeans

  • HIGHLIGHT YOUR ASSETS – Kendall has legs for days that any girl would kill for and she knows it! That’s why she always makes sure to highlight those mile long gams in ultra skinny jeans, miniskirts and dresses with thigh high slits. Find your assets and put them in the spotlight. If you have a sexy hips, wear something that would flatter them. If your arms are nice and long, bare them all with sleeveless tops.

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  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO WEAR HEELS – I know a lot of tall girls who opt for flats because they want to downplay their height. Kendall’s advice: don’t. Being tall is something that a lot of other girls want so if you’ve got it, flaunt it and enhance it. Don’t be afraid to wear heels and be taller than everybody else. Your height will make you stand out which really helps.

kendall white jeans and heels

  • LET ACCESSORIES HELP MAKE YOUR OUTFIT – accessories can make or break your outfit so if you’re planning on wearing them, then let them make your look, not break it. Choose your accessories wisely. You don’t have to pile on tons and tons of them to look chic. Sometimes, all it takes is one statement piece and another understated piece or two to make your outfit look gorgeous.

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