Leather Styling Tips for Summer

The heat is off the charts – quite literally! Some people are even suffering from heat strokes and what not. With that being said, you might find yourself veering away from hot fabrics such as leather.

Although summer is far too sweaty for your comfort, you need not dismiss leather for the entirety of the season. You can still rock leather – and still look cool (despite the heat wave outside) – with these chic leather styling tips for summer.

Go Light

Leather is synonymous to the color black, but it can make you look too dark (and it can feel too hot, too!) So if you want to feel cool, then make sure to follow these leather styling tips of choosing lighter colors. You are not prohibited from wearing leather this summer, but make sure to choose lighter shades – such as white, blush, and camel. Not only will it look sunnier, it will feel sunnier too!

brown leather jacket

brown leather skirt

Show Some Skin

Summer is all about showing skin. Of course, you can do this with our leather styling tips. Wearing leather shorts or a leather mini skirt is the most obvious solution, although you can always break away from the stereotypes. A good example of showing some skin is by wearing leather pieces with cutouts or interesting slits and openings.

leather mini skirt black leather skirt black leather shorts

Go Sleeveless

When leather styling tips come to mind, most think of long-sleeved biker jackets. While they are essential for the colder seasons, you need to forego the sleeves this summer. So if you want to be seen in leather despite the hot temp outside, then swap your long-sleeved jacket for a biker vest. You can wear it on its own, or as a second layer to a simple white top.

sleeveless leather vest

Another good alternative is a leather tube top or tank top. Wearing this alone can make you look as hot as the temperature outside.

leather tank top

Bag it Up

Leather styling tips for summer do not necessarily equate to leather clothing. If it’s just too hot to wear leather, you can always step out with a cute leather bag. It’s a rustic addition to any outfit, whether simple or intricate.

brown leather bag brown leather messenger bag

Step Out in Leather

Another way to wear leather – without sweating yourself out – is to sport a good pair of leather shoes. It can be as simple as leather sandals – to as intricate as western-inspired leather ankle boots. Whatever your choice might be, you won’t perspire in foot-bound leather goods.

leather gladiator sandals black leather bootsd

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