Leather Pieces to Wear for Fall

In just a few days, summer is going to be officially over and we can’t be any more excited about it! It’s that time of year again when we indulge ourselves in deep, dark colors and warm fabrics. One of my favorite fabrics to wear during fall time is leather. It’s chic, sleek and it keeps you warm plus it’s so easy to transition into your winter wardrobe with them as well. Sure, you can wear leather in summer and look chic but aside from the fact that they’re not very comfy, your choices on what you can wear are also very limited and that’s why we think leather is more practical and ideal for the colder seasons like fall and winter. If you’re starting to shop for your fall wardrobe soon, make sure you get your hands on these leather pieces to wear for fall.

  • Leather boots – one of the most popular ways to wear leather for fall is to wear leather boots. Now that the temperature is expected to fall and the weather is about to get cold, you can ditch those leather ankle boots you had for summer (or keep them if you really love them that much, they’d make great early fall shoes anyway) and go all out with knee high boots.

brown leather boots and leather jacket

leather boots jennifer aniston selena gomez leather boots

  • Leather dress – a leather dress isn’t something you’d wear every day but on days when you feel like going a little more sexy and fierce with your look, it is one of the best pieces to reach for. Try a leather shift dress for a sexy and polished look that you can wear from day to night during fall time. If you’re looking for a sexier outfit, a corset top leather dress would be really gorgeous, too.

black leather dress olivia palermo sexy leather dress leather dress and metallic shoes

  • Leather vest – whether you call it a waistcoat, a gilet or simply a vest, it’s no secret that leather vests make for great layering pieces during fall. If you’re looking for a way to add some edge to your street style looks, simply wear a leather vest on top of any outfit – be it a dress or a t-shirt and jeans kind of look – and you’re good to go.

black leather vest white leather vest and jeans cute leather vest

  • Leather jacket – if you think you need more than just a leather vest to keep you warm, a leather jacket is the way to go. Leather jackets are perfect for adding a bit or that punk rock spunk in your look. You can go all out on the rocker chic style by wearing it with other leather pieces, preferably in black, or you can soften up the look a bit and wear it with something more feminine like a dress.

maroon pants and leather jacket leather jacket and dark denimchic leather jacket

  • Leather hat – if you can’t stand wearing leather clothes, perhaps you’re better off with leather accessories instead and one really cool leather piece to add to your look is a leather hat. Whether it’s a baseball cap or a bowler, as long as it’s in leather, it’s sure to make your fall outfits look more stylish.

baseball hat and jacket floppy leather hat


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