Layering Fashion Tips from Stylish Celebrities

The nippy autumn air says one thing: winter is coming! With that being said, you know that it’s time to get your layers on. Be able to create blog-worthy outfits with these layering fashion tips from stylish celebrities.

Taylor Swift: Be Colorful

Because of the cold weather, most women often resort to dressing up in dark, drab colors. But if you want to be as cute as Taylor Swift, then make sure to follow her layering fashion tips. When it comes to bundling up for autumn/winter, remember NOT to be as dreary as the weather. It’s about living life colorfully and adding vibrant shades into your outfit. Following these layering fashion tips, you will surely emerge as a fashion superstar – just like TayTay!

taylor swift belted dress

taylor swift orange coat taylor swift purple pants

Jessica Alba: A Scarf Works Wonders

When it comes to layering fashion tips, you’ll usually hear the advice “A scarf is priceless.” This is definitely true, as Jessica Alba shows the world. The actress-cum-entrepreneur demonstrates that a scarf can add that much-needed glamour to any sad autumn/winter outfit. Like Jessica, you can create a coherent look by choosing a scarf color that shares any of the palettes of your current outfit.

jessica alba blue scarf jessica alba neutral outfit jessica plaid scarf

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Leather Forever

Leather is one of the best fabrics to have, especially this cold autumn/winter season. Proving this is model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who never fails to complete her layered outfit with a leather piece (oftentimes a jacket, but leather pants come every so often as well.) What’s great about her layering fashion tips is that they marry different influences, which you can do too by pairing leather with dressier, girlier items.

rosie blush leather jacket rosie whiteley leather jacket rosie whiteley leather pants

Rihanna: Go Oversized

Rihanna is vocal about her love for oversized items. In fact, her layering fashion tips center on raiding items from your boyfriend’s closet. Like Rihanna, you can get the menswear-inspired look – without looking too billowy – by minding proportion. When wearing loose items, make sure to layer them with snugger, tighter pieces for a balanced look.

rihanna oversized blazer rihanna leather jacket rihanna oversized jacket

Olivia Palermo: Do the Unexpected

Olivia Palermo is one of the hottest style icons of today. The former reality star has a bagful of layering fashion tips under her belt, all of which you should consider for your autumn/winter outfits. Browsing through Olivia’s pictures, you will see that she always does the unexpected. She does color blocking and pairs exquisite textures/materials like it’s nobody’s business. If you want to be as haute as her, then don’t be afraid to throw different layering pieces into your outfit.

olivia palermo layered outfit olivia palermo belted outfit olivia colorful outfit

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