Lara Caspari: Professional and Chic Fashion for Business Women

Business careers and fashion were two interests that didn’t fit together in a long time. Nowadays, women leaders are allowed to look stylish and some companies even have their own dress codes for guiding them to create professional looks appropriate to business environment as not preserving it can lead to some embarrassment. But, this doesn’t mean that business styles should be boring and monotone. Looking for some inspiration to secure your formal business looks with brightness, freshness, and creativity? Keep on reading to scoop some.

nude coat over gray dress

Originally from Germany but now living in Switzerland, Lara Caspari is the fashion blogger behind Stiletto Meets Espresso blog. As the name of the blog suggests, she has a deep affection towards both wearing high heels and enjoying espresso as part of her life and her blog serves as a personal outlet for her fashion style inspiring career women like her. Lara has always been diverse how she dresses being everything from casual to sexy, yet not necessarily “office-ready”. She even described her office style as a more classic and feminine, with laid-back outfits on weekends such as ballet flats and skinny jeans.

blue skirt with white top

When opting for the business style, you have to be certain your outfits you’ll wear will accentuate your professionalism, qualifications, competent skills, and will gain some respect for your image. The more respectable and professional you manage to look, the better impression about your business skills you’ll be able to create. Also, it shouldn’t limit your movements but instead comfortable to wear during the whole day when performing your business activities.

suit with leather pants suit with leather trousers

When describing the looks of the business style, the suit is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. Despite the fact that neutrals such as black, brown, beige, white, and navy blue are the timeless classics of all times, going for modern styles and great colors other than neutral are creative and stylish. Nevertheless, the suit of a business lady should not have decorations or bright details. Just keep an eye on the fabrics and the silhouettes as it must look professional regardless of the color. You may opt for linen, silk, wool, and such options for a bit of romance, and pick a decent color you preferred. Like Lara, you can make a fashion statement by pairing your suit with leather trousers in a great shade and polish your looks with a structured bag and a pair of classic pumps.

animal print blazer with navy pants fur blazer with camel boots white blazer with dressy pants

Next to suit, blazers are a professional alternative. Just be sure to skip denim skirt and jeans but instead opt for decent skirts or dressy pants. You may wear a leopard print blazer but keep the rest of your outfit in solid colors preferably neutrals. Avoid clashing prints and pattern as it looks improper for business looks. Depending on the style and material, you can still wear boots like Lara did in matching with her fur blazer. But classic pumps are the best choice for business style.

beautiful nude dress colorful dress gray ruffled dress

If you’re a dressy type of girl, you may opt for dresses with conservative styles avoiding revealing and provocative designs. Also, the length of the dress should fall on knees below. You may still pick colorful dresses but be mindful of the prints and colors. If you think it looks too tight or revealing, wrap some coat over your dress.

button down shirt with dressy pants button-down shirt with artistic skirt button-down shirt with pencil skirt

A classic button- down shirt is a timeless staple ideal for your professional looks. A standing collar spices up the professional and respectable looks even better. Shirt colors supposed to be in neutral shades tones like white, but pastel options are also possible. Just pair it with pencil skirts or dressy pants. To add some sophistication to your style, wear an elegant belt or gold or silver jewelry.

cute top with black and white skirt lace top with leather skirt red top with floral skirt

If you’re planning to meet your friends after business meetings, you may throw into a lace crop top and high waist skirt – just put on your trench coat on meetings and put it off when you’re done. Also, classic sweaters look great on full skirts.

Your sophisticated business style is a fashion statement since it serves as a mirror to your personality and professionalism. Be fabulous in creating your professional image and dress for success.


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