Laidback and Luxe Street Style with Stephanie Liu

Looking romantic and elegant on your street looks while keeping it laid back and effortless may be challenging. Mind behind the Honey and Silk blog, Stephanie Liu is a Californian style blogger that is known for her effortless style featuring a mix of laidback and luxe with coquettish flair. If you’re a woman who loves timeless classics and don’t usually follow trends, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her so you’ll create a laidback and luxe style that can last a lifetime and will always be in style.

Pick casual-chic fabrics to make an effortless statement for you.

chambray maxi dress with platform sandals

washed denim shirt dress military jumpsuit with nude mules flowy white outfit with peach cardigan denim wrap dress with sandals

If you’re aiming for an effortless look while keeping your style luxe, start with your fabric choices. Like Stephanie, you may go for casual fabrics like chambray, denim, or cotton in a chic outfit. For instance, maxi dresses are often seen in lightweight chiffon, but Stephanie made a twist by going for a chambray version that still look chic yet laidback. Also, you may think of going for cotton jumpsuit over silk ones, as well as casual fabrics on your matching sets rather than metallic versions.

Go for muted color palette.

nude top with brown skirt white crochet lace dress with tribal necklace slit skirt with black jacket and suede sandals peach nude tea dress with classic pumps

Jewel tones may be catchy and statement-making, but they can hardly make your outfits look effortless since the shade itself was inspired by luxurious gemstones. However, going muted on your color palette doesn’t necessarily mean donning neutrals head-to-toe. Like Stephanie, you may opt for a peach dress that will look subtle yet romantic or a nude top paired with a brown skirt that will give you some coordinating looks.

Select laidback prints for glamorous tailoring.

checkered wrap dress tribal print blazer and shorts with tee striped dress with knotted belt plaid dress with studded boots floral blazer and shorts with pink sandals

If you’re aiming for a unique street style, try this trick. Select laidback prints like plaids, tribal, and native patterns on glamorous tailoring on blazers, wrap dresses and such. Like Stephanie, you may opt for a plaid print dress for where plaids are normally found in shirts and skirts but not in a dress. Or, opt for native prints on your wrap dresses that are normally seen in jewel colors and opulent black shade. This way, you’ll create a laidback and luxe style effortlessly while giving some personalized touch to your street looks.

Mix casual pieces with chic ensembles.

chic blouse with casual shorts polka dots sweater with mermaid skirt gray tee with striped pants gray tank top with chic full skirt chic top with cuffed jeans and suede slip on sneakers overalls with chic blouse

One of the easiest ways to wear the laidback-meets-luxe style, think of mixing your casual pieces with chic ensembles. Casual pieces like denim overalls, boyfriend jeans, gray tee, tank top, casual shorts, and knit sweater can be dressed up with a chiffon blouse, striped pants, silk full skirt and such.  Instead of teaming your button-down shirt with a pair of striped pants, switch your chic staple with a gray tee to give some laidback vibe to your classic style. This way, you’ll maximize your favorite pieces making them more versatile and functional in your wardrobe.

Dress up or dress down your outfits with accessories.

wide leg pants and casual top with chic bag summer inspired clutch with white dress platform sandals with minimalist outfit patent leather flats with chic outfit gold cuffs and statement earrings with black jumpsuit and tribal bag cut out statement footwear with printed jumpsuit

Accessories can make or break your style so be careful on picking them. If you’re wearing a plain black jumpsuit, decide whether you’re going to dress it up with a metallic bag, classic pumps, and gold jewelry or you’re going to keep it casual with an Aztec print tote, chunky bangles, and comfy footwear. When you’re wearing an already-sophisticated outfit, you may opt for a pair of chic ballet flats or chunky sandals to keep it laid back. On the contrary, casual cool outfits can be dressed up with classic pumps, stiletto sandals, and metallic footwear. Indeed, mixing laid-back pieces with luxe ensembles will make your street style more fashion-forward and comfortable at the same time.

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