Kristina Bazan: Minimalist Style for Summer

As the summer season warms up, everyone wants to look cool and comfortable while still looking chic. Minimalism lets you look incredibly polished with very little effort. But if you feel like you need a little inspiration to embrace minimalism this summer, you may want to recognize a minimalist fashion blogger, Kristina Bazan.

Kristina Bazan summer style

Swedish fashion blogger, Kristina Bazan, founded her own fashion blog “Kayture” in 2011. With her minimalist and classic style on fashion, she turned her hometown of Geneva into a petit Paris. The stunning blonde is still in her late teens but has been able to make a career for herself traveling around the world and collaborating with well-known brands in the fashion industry.

Kristina Bazan summer fashion Kristina Bazan stylish black dress

Grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, she developed a deep appreciation for good quality. Her approach to fashion can be identified as a high-low mix of classic elegance and pure minimalism even though she does like to play with prints and a bold statement as she always says to her interviews.

Kristina Bazan black and white outfit

Today we are decoding the outstanding minimalism style of Kristina Bazan to inspire a refresh on your summer fashion. These basic guidelines on minimalism will enable you to breeze right through the summer.

Kristina Bazan tan top and skirt

Minimalist style is distinguished by the sense of a moderate luxury. A great outline is the basic building block of any wardrobe. Coco Chanel is one of the minimalist designers. Other fashion labels such as Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and many others incorporate minimalism to their style.

Kristina Bazan white outfit with black accentsKristina Bazan black and wite dress

When choosing what to wear in summer, remember that minimalism goals for simplicity and objectivity. The saying “less is more” is key for summer fashion, and it doesn’t only apply to the actual clothes you fit on your body, but also keeping your style minimal when it comes to tones and cuts. The emphasis lies on having a fuss-free wardrobe in the simplest way possible. Don’t dwell on details and embellishments that don’t matter without getting the right fit ‑ it’s the basic.

Kristina Bazan pastel blue sweater and heels

Minimalism can adapt to your mood. Occasionally, it may be fine not putting on color because minimalism style works in the absence of color – even in grayscale. Though the color is one of the first things someone will observe in your style; your selection in color should be used to boost the style of your outfit, but it shouldn’t be your style. Minimalism does not suggest taking everything away until only black or white color remains. But the key is to keep it clean and basic, so pick no more than three colors. Make sure at least two of the colors are monochrome, neutral or muted – shades like black, white, gray, ivory, beige, navy and blue. Black and white colors are predominant in minimalism. You don’t have to worry about harmonizing colors when you dress in all black. Also, black and white is a great combination – it creates drama and no accessories needed. Or like Kristina, you could pair two opposite white textures together.

Kristina Bazan white shirt and red lipstick Kristina Bazan white lace dressKristina Bazan cozy chic look

Quality is the primary characteristic of minimalism. When it comes to simple classics, investing in high-quality fabrics in clothes ‑ such as wool, silk, alpaca, viscose, cashmere or knit ‑ makes a huge difference. The approach is about selecting quality over quantity. It includes the fit, color, fabric and cut where garments must be well-crafted to last a number of years.

Kristina Bazan summer fashion style
Kristina Bazan street style

You can revise a minimalist outfit by including accessories. Adding a statement piece to an outfit, whether it’s a design, texture or vivid color, is an excellent way to highlight clean outlines while incorporating a bit of your own personality.

Kristina Bazan trendy look Kristina Bazan yellow jacket and white dress

Above all, the minimalist approach is about determining your own signature or personal style. Signature style is a way of self-expression. Rather than sticking with current fashion styles, focus on the perfection of signature look that closely reflects your style and personality. Minimalism is a great way to flaunt your signature style this summer.

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