Kristina Bazan: Glamorous Fashion Style to Wear on a Cruise

Going on a cruise is one of the most exciting summer vacations you can go. It’s a fun excuse to get all dressed up or dressed down for a few days. Although you want to look glamorous, relaxed, and laid-back once you’re on the boat, there are still cruise-appropriate dress codes you might want to take note of. As ripped jeans and basic tee outfits are not pleasing to the eyes while spending your time in a luxurious cruise, keep reading to get some inspiration to look stylish and stunning while relaxing on a cruise.

Grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, Kristina Bazan, is a fashion blogger known for her elegance, minimalist, and classic personal style. Her fashion blog, Kayture, is a breakthrough on its classic and elegant style on fashion. Kristina keeps her glamorous fashion style while traveling around the world including luxurious summer vacations on fashion capitals and even going on a cruise. Let’s have some look to be inspired and enable us to breeze right through the upcoming cruise adventure.

bikini in black

nude bikini V-neck blue shorts

At some point on your cruise, you’ll want to sip fruity drinks with cute little umbrellas on deck preferably near a pool. So, you’ll want to bring a couple of bikinis if you don’t want to wear the same swimwear for the whole cruise. Bathing suits should be worn only at the pool though slipping on a skirt or shorts and cover-ups are fine for lido lunching. Since cruises allow you to enjoy that wonderful ocean view, don’t forget sunglasses and hats to keep your face out of the sun. Also, a deep V- neckline top with dressy shorts will make you look fashion forward. Just keep in mind, short shorts must be limited near the poolside to keep the luxury theme going.

snake skin dress clear heelsculottes nautical top white jumpsuit

Another exciting adventure with cruises, are excursions or little trips you can take at the different ports your ship stops throughout the course of your trip. Some of them include some sort of physical activity, shopping trips, riding bikes, boat rides in the ocean, city tours, and a lot more activities. So, you need to wear clothes that are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to move around in. You may wear nautical inspired look being more appropriate on a cruise. Also, comfortable outfits such as jumpsuits, dress, culottes, practical sandals, heels, are great as long as the style looks crisp, classy, and casual. You may want to skip wearing denim ripped jeans to keep the luxurious feel of your adventure though you may don some shorts and pants in more elegant cuts and fabrics.

aqua blue dress navy cocktail dress striped dress navy dress

Most cruises have dress codes on what you can wear at the formal dinner. So, saving more casual pieces for the buffet is always a safe bet. Cocktail dresses or even sundresses look cool on casual dinners. Just throw on a pair of stilettos, classic pumps, heeled sandals, and some statement jewelry. You may try to look for dresses that are interchangeable so you can wear them for any occasion and can just spice up by different types of accessories.

black gown high slit gown red gown

Since formal nights are held, it’s better to dress up by wearing formal night wear such as ball gowns or floor length gowns just like you usually wear on a wedding or some other type of formal party. It’s no surprise that eating gourmet meals in the dining room every evening on a cruise is a definition of a good time.

silk robe

And of course, don’t forget your comfortable nightwear such as night kimono, silk robes, and such.

Enjoy your glamorous fashion style while staying relaxed, laid-back, and chic on a cruise. Bon Voyage!


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