Kristina Bazan: 6 Tricks to Look Fabulous on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the perfect holiday to start your year fabulously and stylishly. It’s a great holiday celebration and it makes sense that you want to look special for it. Whatever your plans are, let’s be inspired by Kayture style blogger Kristina Bazan for looking fabulous on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Give yourself a treat.

cashmere coat with classic outfit

red blazer with dress red-halter-dress red manicured nails

Whatever it is, happiness starts within that can definitely affect your life in a year. Whether shopping for a special outfit, painting your nails, giving yourself a facial, having your hair done, or even indulging to sweet delicacies, these small things can make you feel good to yourself giving you great inspiration to have a year full of fulfillments. Like Kristina, you may shop for a special outfit that will make you feel lovely and confident. Also, in this season, everything sparkles so going for a polish with glitter isn’t a bad choice. Like Kristina, go for red nails or even black nails to make you feel a bit more put together.

  1. Opt for amazing accessories.

statement clutch with black outfit statement earrings with sequin dress statement necklace with chic dress white dress with statement clutch and metallic belt

New Year’s Eve is the time to enjoy all the accessories that you may not have had an occasion to wear. Like Kristina, spice up your simple lace dress and skirt with statement sunglasses, or revamp your white dress with a metallic belt and a statement clutch. If you plan to wear a black dress, add some colors to it by wearing jewel tones accessories whether it’s an emerald necklace, ruby bracelet, sapphire earrings, or an amethyst ring.

  1. Go for statement dresses that flatter you.

cocktail party outfit ruffled jumpsuit with heels sexy dress with heels sexy sheer top with accordion skirt statement peach dress

New Year’s Eve is a time to dress up and look gorgeous. So feel free to wear dresses that look flashy than your typical ones as the occasion calls for it. Like Kristina, you may go for creative cut-out dresses, sheer tops, floor-length hemlines, ruffled details, as well as delicate ornamented dresses that look great on you. This way, you’ll feel confidently beautiful and confident on the occasion.

  1. Be chic on your casual looks.

floral blouse with dress pants sexy top with chic shorts shorts with simple tee

You may want to skip denim items this time as the occasion calls for fabulous attire. If you’re thinking of pants and shorts for your street looks, like Kristina, you may go for dress pants and dress shorts that still look chic while maintaining that laid-back vibe. If you wish to make your casual looks dressy, you may opt for an asymmetrical top paired with chic shorts and sexy heels like Kristina did.

  1. Show off your statement ensembles.

fur coat with chic outfit patent leather skirt with chic top sequin-pants-with-blazer-and-tank-top

Sequin pants, patent leather skirt, and fur coat are just some of Kristina’s favorites to keep her looks fabulous and statement making. If you wish to revamp your typical looks, you may simply wear a fur coat with your chic blouse and palazzo pants, or dress up your knitted turtleneck with a patent leather skirt like Kristina did.

  1. Have a healthy beauty regimen to look fresh on New Year’s Eve.

off shoulder dress with doctors bag New Year's eve regimen New Year's Eve party

If you have time, give yourself a good night sleep and indulge in healthful drinks like Kristina so you’ll have a lovely glow in the New Year’s Eve. Though your makeup may do the trick for you, having a better surface to work with will make you look more beautiful and fresh for the occasion.

By following these tips from Kristina, you’ll definitely look fabulous on New Year’s Eve.


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