Kristina Bazan: 6 Stylish Winter Hats for Your Street Style

In the cold temperatures of the season, you have to take out the winter hats that will keep your head warm and stylish. Swedish fashion blogger, Kristina Bazan of Kayture blog gave us a great inspiration to look chic and fabulous in the winter. With her minimalist and classic style on fashion, she created a fashion statement that turns heads even in the cold season.

Baseball Cap

baseball cap with chic outfit

Known to be the must-have accessory for sports, a baseball cap can now turn your casual chic street style or even dress up your basic outfits into a sporty and cool looks. Like Kristina, you may opt for a cozy sweater perfect for winter paired with dress pants and heels that look chic, while the baseball cap adds a touch of sporty and cool vibe to your outfit giving more statement to your street looks.


beanie with chic outfit beanie with cool outfitbeanie with leather trousers and jacket pastel beanie with classic outfit neon beanie with urban outifit cute beanie with winter outfit

Cozy, casual, and cool, beanies are the most after-sought hat in the winter as its versatility goes beyond reach. From casual denim jeans to edgy leather trousers, Kristina topped her looks with cozy beanies in great colors that perfectly suited her outfits. If you’re donning an all-neutral or monochrome outfit, add some pop of color to your looks by opting for a pastel or neon colored beanies like Kristina did. However, black-colored beanies look more elegant and sophisticated than colored ones.

Wide Brimmed Hats

wide brim hat with fur jacket and jeans blue wide brim hat with statement coat

Though wide brimmed hats are the preference of boho-styled women, these accessories have a very trendy style that can be incorporated in your winter outfit. They even add the touch of bohemian feel and an unusually laid back air with its structured design. To keep your look sophisticated, pair your chic hats with luxurious fur coats, structured jackets, or even leather ones dressing up your outfit more. The great thing about wide brimmed hats, they flatter almost every woman shape whether it’s a heart-shaped, oblong-shaped, oval-face, or square-face that can be a guarantee to look great on you too.

Fedora and Trilby Hats

fedora hat with camel coat and black outfit fedora hat with edgy outfit fedora hat with fur coat and skinny pants fedora hat with sporty outfit trilby hat with casual chic outfit trilby hat with winter outfit


These hats are the shorter version of wide brimmed ones that can be a great option if you find it too large on your face. Where wide brim hats give off that laid back feel, fedora and trilby hats as your winter accessory will be able to offer you that sense of androgyny since they’re originally a gentleman’s hat. So, whether you pair it with an all-out androgynous outfit with sleek blazers and boyfriend trousers, or a highly feminine outfit, you will still look polished and winter-appropriate.

Floppy Hats

floppy hat with camel coat floppy hat with chic outfit floppy hat with fur coat and burgundy pants floppy hat with trench coat

If you think fedoras and trilby hats are too masculine and structured for you, go for their feminine version – a floppy hat. This can work best for you especially if you have a long and wide face as its floppy structure can balance your face’s angles. Since this style of hat is somehow dressy, it can go well with your feminine dresses, shorts, and skirts making them more chic and sophisticated. Or, like Kristina, simply go for a skinny fit of trousers and top your looks with chic coats appropriate for winter season.

Bowler and Bucket Hats

bowler hat with camel colored outfit

Resembling the roundness of a helmet, these hats look great if you have an angular face as its structure soften and lengthen your face to make it look more balanced. Like Kristina, simply opt for a bowler hat in classic shades that can go well with your outfit. If you like, go for a monochrome dressing to make your hat play an important part on your look not only functional, but also stylish.

Finding the best hat for the winter season that also flatters your face shape is quite challenging, but when you figured out what looks great on you, you can bring out the sweet spots to your face. This way, you’re making a fashion statement on the streets with your winter hats that so stylish and functional.

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