Korres Lip Butter – Mango review, swatch

Korres Lip Butter – Mango review  and swatch

I’m not sure what is compelling me to purchase every coral/orange/mango colored product that I find, but I’ll justify it by saying that it’s now my absolute favorite color.

I have tried Korres, and am a avid lover of my lip butter in Guava. However, sometimes when you use it, especially if you put a little too much on, it can give a sort of white cast to more pigmented lips. Because of this, I decided to try a new shade, this time in Mango.
First of all, the obvious negative to this product is that the packaging is in potted form, which can be a little unsanitary and difficult to use. I know that Korres released the Lip Butter Glaze’s in tube form, but I find those even more annoying being that the color sinks to the bottom, and I often just get a bunch of oily grease coming out of the tube instead.
I don’t mind the potted form, I typically like to carry a small lip brush with me to use it however.Korres-Lip-Butter-Mango review
 The color of mango lip butter is right up my alley.
With the bright coral/orange hue, it gives vitality to my lips instead of washing them out.
Not to mention the scent, just like all the other Korres lip butters, is simply amazing.Korres-Lip-Butter-Mango swatch
 The pigmentation of  Korres Lip Butter in mango  is no lipstick quality, but it does give a decent amount of color pay off. The bright coral hue gives your lips a pop of color without being too dramatic- which makes it incredibly wearable for any look or occasion.
I honestly prefer the lighter washes of coral on the lips. Sometimes, especially if you are in a professional workplace, a Viva Glam Nicki or Vegas Volt lip can be a little over-powering. This is the perfect way to rock the trend without overdoing it.

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