Knits to Wear in Fall for Comfy and Stylish Outfits

Fall marks the start of sweater weather and one of the things you shouldn’t be without this season is knitwear. Anything knitted always gives you that extraordinary warmth and comfort. It’s something that I personally always reach for when I want to feel cozy. If you’re lucky and you know how to knit, you can make your own knitwear (though it can take some time). The great thing about making your own knitwear is that you get to do it the exact way that you want, from form to color to design and everything else in between. If you don’t know how to knit, though, you can always buy cute knitwear from your favorite stores and you’re sure that they’re always stocked with the prettiest ones come fall and winter. Here are some cute knits to wear in fall that you can either make or buy.

  • Chunky knit sweater – chunky knit sweaters are perfect for when you want something really warm that you can wear on its own / without having to layer with other pieces. When wearing chunky knit sweaters, make sure that you don’t wear anything bulky / chunky for your bottoms so you don’t end up looking bigger than you really are. Wear something more fitted like skinny jeans / skinny cut pants or leggings so you can balance out your overall silhouette.

knitted oversized sweater

cute knitted sweater yellow mustard sweater

  • Knitted cardigan – another really cute knitted piece to add to your fall wardrobe is a knitted cardigan. You can choose from a regular knitted cardigan to slouchy and oversized one. I think that the latter is more chic and cozy while the former is best worn to work or with outfits that you want to give a more polished look to.

chunky knitted cardigan grey oversized cardigan chic knitted cardigan

  • Leg warmers – legs warmers are going to come in handy on days when you want to wear skirts or shorts in fall. Aside from tights, these can also help keep your legs warm. Leg warmers are often go just right below the knee so they’re perfect with boots. Some women like to wear them inside their boots but I find that they look cute when worn outside on top of boots as well.

lace heels and leg warmers leg warmers and shoes short leg warmers

  • Beanie hat – beanies make great cover ups for bad hair days but they also keep your head warm when the temps start to drop drastically. I love a good, plain ol’ beanie but those ones with pompoms at the tip and cat ears on both sides are super cute as well and they’re perfect for adding just the right touch of quirkiness and fun to any look.

beanie hat outfit plain brown beanie grey knitted beanie

  • Knitted scarf – you may already have those light, sheer scarves from summer but those won’t do you any good in fall (aside from make your outfit look better, that is). When it starts getting cold, you’ll want something thicker, heavier and chunkier to wear around your neck and that’s where knitted scarves come into play. These scarves keep you warm while also giving your outfit that nice, cozy fall look.

brown infinity scarf bright red scarf grey scarf fall outfit

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