Kimono Fashion Style for Summer

As the hot weather sets in, we love a piece of clothing that we can rely on, and a kimono just does that. Inspired by traditional Japanese robes, the contemporary kimono has originally been a silk and wide sleeved robe tied with a belt, they have been given a modern update such as tassel trims, colored prints, loose sleeves, ethnic patterns, fringes, and varying lengths to give any outfit a bohemian vibe. When worn correctly, they can add some interest to your style and make for a cool cover-up for either walking the streets or a special occasion. Wondering how to pull it off without looking like you just got out of the bed?

1. shorter kimono

Kimono can be the first option you can consider when looking for a simple alternative for your blazer. When opting for this stylish piece of clothing, choose the right length such as cropped, waist-length, knee-length, and full-length choices. Unless you are tall, avoid full-length, as it will swamp your figure. The style you choose should depend on the occasion and what you are wearing it, but a safe option for most body types is a kimono that falls just above the waistline to show off your sexy waist and doesn’t swamp your frame completely. Opt for stronger colors and thicker fabrics rather than a sheer silk or lace.

2. all black and white kimono 2. kimono and flared jeans 2. mix prints

Since kimono is a chic alternative to a structured blazer for office wear, just stick to solid colors or, even elegant prints to keep your style neatly tailored. You may spice up your all black trousers and blouse with white kimono. It may serve also as a cover-up for your short dress and its prints as a pop to your solid color outfit.

dress with hat leather trousers romper kimono

For downtime dressing, you may wish to dress in black and throw on a printed kimono for adding a bit of interest to your outfit. You may wear a short dress, romper or even leather trousers paired with black top and wear stylish accessories such as hats, sunglasses, and belts.

black kimono lace kimono

If you’re still uneasy about the kimono trend, then keep it simpler by opting for a solid color kimono or a sheer full-length lace rather than a loud print. Then keep the rest of the look neutral by wearing basic pieces such as denim shorts and tank tops. Finish off your looks by donning a hat, sunglasses, and boots.

long kimono in jeans kimono and distressed denim kimono and boots

If you’d like to sport your denim jeans, then simply wear a white top and a printed kimono for a great style. A neat and structured kimono can balance the edgy look of your distressed denim jeans. You may wear ankle boots, lace up boots, or knee-length boots for a chic bohemian vibe. Then accessorize the style with sunglasses, structured bag or clutch.

festival look kimono blue kimono black kimono

Because kimono has the oversized shape, it’s important to keep your bottom half tailored to avoid looking boxy. For a festival look, you may sport your crop tops and shorts. Since you’re teaming your kimono with shorts, then your legs will balance out your frame.

A kimono effortlessly covers your flaws and flaunts your style. Indeed, kimono is a fashion staple for summer which welcomes a cool and breezy style.

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