Kimberly Smith: Sophisticated and Feminine Street Style

Fashion is sometimes the best way to show off your style skills and project the image you want others to see you. Are you wondering why some women always look so pulled together in a way she makes head turns as she walks down the street and stands out from the crowd? She may not be prestigious, but she just knows how to dress smart and sophisticated. Looking sophisticated is not hard to achieve. Maybe, you just need to re-assess your wardrobe creatively mix some pieces which will take it to a sophisticated style.

houndstooth top with classic pants

From Portland, United States, Kimberly Smith is the mind behind Penny Pincher Fashion blog. She loves getting creative with her wardrobe such as creating classic, feminine, and sophisticated styles on a budget. Though she wants to be current with trends, she still tries to put a modern twist on her looks while remaining true to her own personal aesthetic. According to Kimberly, her personal style has been shaped mostly by where she has lived. Since she grew up in Oregon, her style started as casual until she moved in North Carolina where she shifted to a more polished look.

beautiful sunglasses with gold accessories sophisticated clutch

For an effortless way to add some sophistication to your style, opt for sophisticated accessories. A beautiful scarf, statement sunglasses, classic pumps, and jewelry can add a real edge of sophistication to your plain outfit. Like Kimberly, you may wear gold jewelry to give some luxury with your style since gold stands for it. Though silver is a great option too, you may opt for some with substantial diamond studs to give a touch of glamor to a muted metallic color. Also, a pair of classic pumps with a considerable heel height boosts your sophistication level.

burgundy bag with black and white outfit neutral outfit and clutch2. neutral outfit with burgundy bag

For a timeless classic style, you may sport neutral pieces as your sophisticated outfit. Just look for delicate fabrics such as chiffon, linen, satin, wool, velvet and such for a more elegant and chic style. You may want to skip denim ensembles as they may take away the sophistication you’re aiming for. If you really love to sport denim, opt for finer pieces and stay away from ripped and distressed styles. You may creatively keep your look all neutral or punch a pop of color with an accessory like clutch or bag in a vibrant shade.

animal print blouse with maxi skirt checkered clutch pink clutch with black and white outfit printed top with cute shorts stripes top with classic pants

Classic prints such as stripes, animal print, houndstooth, polka dots, chevron and such add some elegance to your looks. This time, you may skip abstract prints in loud colors, funky prints in neon colors, and word prints as they don’t look formal for your sophisticated style.

monochrome outfit

Monochrome dressing is a great trick on nailing the sophisticated style. Just play with textures and proportions to keep the interest and to avoid looking monotonous. Fabrics such as leather, chiffon, cashmere, wool, velvet, satin and such are a wonderful choice as always.

colorful floral dress colorful scarf with white dress cute bag with blue outfit pink bag with polka dots pants

If you really like to wear some colors, you may opt for pastel shades or colorful hues and stay away from clashing bold and striking colors like neon or pairing unusual color combinations. Though pink and red or violet and yellow may work as great combos for some style, it doesn’t look sophisticated or formal enough for the style you’re aiming for. This same applies to prints where clashing prints may be stylish but lessen your smart and sophisticated looks.

Sophisticated and feminine styles are best for business women, professionals, and even typical women that want to gain some elegance and luxury to their looks. Remember, your style speaks about you so be sure you’re sending the right message through your way of dressing.

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