Kimberly Pesch: Classic Cool Fashion Style

Classic styles are timeless and sophisticated while urban fashion looks cool and laid-back. When aiming for great looks, you may want style and comfort work together. Looking for a casual-but-still-polished twist to your style? Let’s have a style inspiration.

From California but now based in New York, Kimberly Pesch is a style blogger known for her “California-cool” fashion with a twist of classic touch since she is more about tailored, modern, and clean pieces, but always with a casual feel. Her blog “Eat Sleep Wear” mirrors the balance of her cool urban looks and timeless classic kind of style.

black and white outfit

black-and-white graphic coat striped top with skirt

Stocking up on neutrals like black-and-white doesn’t mean you’ll look out of season, as they can be lively and more interesting in prints. Though playing with texture is a good trick to wearing neutrals head to toe, opting for graphic and classic prints in these shades gives your style a vamp. Kimberly creatively wore a graphic print coat in black-and-white with her all black outfit to create some visual interest and dimension. Stripes keep the classic feel whether you’re wearing it with as a shirt, pants, or a dress.

animal print belt giraffe print shirt leopard print dress leopard print pants leopard print skirt

Animal prints like leopard print, snake print, and even zebra print are timeless and versatile designs to opt for. Think of accessories like belts, bags, shoes, and even scarves that you may incorporate to your plain outfit to spice them up. Also, you could wear leopard print dresses, coats, shirts, and skirts if you want to look classic with a bit of an edge. Don’t limit yourself to animal prints as stripes, polka dots, gingham, plaids, houndstooth, and even tartan gives off a classic feel while keeping your looks cool and laid-back.

military jacket with casual outfit military jacket with orange dress

Camouflage print is edgy, tough, and casual. If you’re wearing a classic dress for a casual walk but worrying looking it too formal, you may dress it down with a camouflage print jacket. On the other hand, if you’d just like to add some edgy touch to your casual street looks, then complement your cool outfit with a camouflage print jacket then the statement look is guaranteed.

blue and yellow outfit olive green and camel outfit pink and red outfitstripes top with burgundy pants

Classic fashion style doesn’t have to be boring. Brighten up your style with colors and prints whether you’re onto color blocking or print mixing. Like Kimberly, you may be adventurous to match unusual color combinations like red with pink, yellow with blue or even green with red. For simpler looks, you may opt for muted shades or neutrals together to avoid high contrast. Just play with your looks to create the style that perfectly suits your mood.

fur coat with classic outfitfur vest with classic outfit

Fur or faux fur is a classic staple that gives your casual looks some elegance and sophistication. You may sport a fur scarf, vest, jacket, coat, and even boots to vamp up your style. Just remember to keep your outfit comfortable and laid-back as you’re aiming for a great style at the same time a great comfort.


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