Key Pieces That Will Accentuate Your Best Features – and Hide the Bad Ones

Nobody’s perfect. I’m sure you have features that you love and hate. Be able to flaunt these God-given characteristics (and hide the bad ones) by choosing these key outfits.

Small Bust: Ruffles

An instant fashion-fix that can create an illusion of a bigger bust is a ruffled top. Don’t go overboard with the ruffles though, or you will end up looking like a mariachi dancer.

white ruffled top

peach ruffled top

Large Bust/Love Handles: Draped Outfits

A large bust is a dream for some, but it is a boon for many. If you want to conceal your knockers, then go for smartly-draped tops.

draped sweater

The same rules apply if you have love handles. Draped clothes can easily hide them, which is great if you don’t have shapewear at bay.

draped dress

Tiny Waist/Straight Figure: High-Waists, Belted and Color Blocked Outfits

If you have a slender waist – or if you want to make people think that you have one – then go for high-waisted bottoms. I’m talking about shorts, skirts and pants. Because of their construction, they create the image of a sexy, tapered waist.

high waisted shorts Another way to create an hourglass shape is to belt your skirts, tunics and outerwear.

belted purple dress

Color blocking is also a good way to create a sexy figure. Wear different yet coordinated items for your top and bottoms and you can instantly create a trim waist.

colorblock sweater

Wide Hips: Long Tops/Tunics

Wide hips or childbearing hips such as those of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are great, but they can troublesome for a handful of ladies. Should you wish to hide your hips, the best way to do so is to wear long tops and tunics. Not only will it draw the attention away from your hips, it could direct focus on your beautiful face.

fair isle tunic long white top

Luxurious Legs: Short Hemlines

If you have flawless legs, shorter hemlines are the way to go. This type of outfit is especially recommended for short girls, as such a hemline creates an illusion of longer legs. Remember: short hemlines are not just reserved for skirts, as there are pants and shorts that bear this appropriate length as well.

short hemline black skirt short hemline skirt

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