Kendi Skeen: Contemporary Fashion Style

Contemporary fashion is creative, stylish, and expressive. Compared to classic and traditional style, contemporary fashion knows no rules that can help you express your style in any way you want. Are you looking for inspiration to vamp up your style without looking overdone? Let’s have a style inspiration.

Texas-based blogger, Kendi Skeen is known for her contemporary fashion style mixing classic ensembles with a sort of dreamy neo-Bohemian. Her blog, Kendi Everyday shows her simple and understated style with a bit of quirkiness. Also, Kendi opened her own clothing boutique named Bloom that offers a smartly edited collection that’s every bit as sweet and fashionable as her. Because of her unrivaled ability to remix, Kendi’s contemporary fashion style is simple and effortless. Keep on reading to scoop some style ideas.

striped top with red trousers

stripes blouse with floral pants stripes shirt with floral skirt

One way to look contemporary is to show off your print mixing skills. Though wearing prints one at a time is a traditional way, add some fun and interest by clashing classic prints like stripes, floral, polka dots, houndstooth, plaids, checks and such. You may match the same shade of your prints or match the same prints in different shades. Like Kendi, you may team your striped blouse with your floral skirt and keep your accessories muted.

metallic green skirt

Though metallic staples used to be a holiday must-have ensembles, you may modernize your classic pieces by teaming it with your metallic or sequin ensembles. Like Kendi, she spiced up her outfit by teaming a classic blouse with a metallic skirt. It looks contemporary without looking overdone.

denim shorts with classic topdenim jacket with cute dressdenim jacket with pink dressdenim jacket with white dress

Though denim items like denim shorts, jeans, jackets, and vests used to be casual street wear, they can now be teamed with more formal, dressy, and classic staples like suit, flouncy blouse, pencil skirt, feminine dresses and such. Like Kendi, you may dress down your formal dress with a denim jacket. Also, it adds some edge to your style without looking grunge.

4. leather jacket with classic outfit leather jacket with classic outfit

Leather ensembles like trousers, jackets corsets, shorts, and tops are an edgy way to spice up your outfit. Kendi teamed her classic outfits with a leather jacket and see how it transformed from a classic style to a rock-chic style. Leather trousers are great too with feminine blouses, tank tops, corset tops, and even crop tops.

graphic shirt with colored pants graphic tee with pencil skirt graphic top with lace skirt

Graphic tees used to be a grunge and punk fashion ensembles but now can be worn with classic ensembles. Kendi creatively wore her graphic tops with more dressy and formal pieces like pencil skirts, dressy pants, and feminine shorts.

neon orange blouse neon yellow dress neon yellow shoes neon yellow skirt with white top

Though neon colors can be tricky and an eye-sore if worn improperly, neon ensembles in moderate amount can brighten and freshen up your outfit. You may opt for neon colored shoes, handbag, blouse, trousers, dresses, and skirts. You may keep the look tamed by teaming your neon colored ensemble with muted or neutral colored pieces; or clash them with other neon shades too.

purple dress with yellow pumps pink and red outfit

Unusual color combinations like pink-and-red, navy-and-black, yellow-and purple, and green-and orange are now a contemporary way to nail your classic outfits. Just be tasteful in teaming them as they’ll look intentional rather than you mistakenly dressed in a dark room.

Be inspired by Kendi’s contemporary style and save yourself by ignoring flash-in-the-pan trends. Find some well-fitted classic pieces that will stand the test of time and have fun mixing and matching your wardrobe staples to create statement looks.














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