Katerina Kraynova: Glam Rock Fashion Style

For some, “rock” fashion means something which is connected to rock that just revolve around dark and edgy type of clothing like we usually seeing. Like the avant-garde and classic fashion, rock fashion has a wider variety of styles to offer, and “glam rock” is a kind of style that highlights your elegance and sophistication with an edge. Glam rock is something extravagant and bold, and if you’re wondering how to dress edgy with sophistication during the night out, let’s have a fashion inspiration.

From Moscow, Russia, Katerina Kraynova is known for her glam rock fashion style that features anything leather and everything studded in her looks. Started her blog in 2012, My Neon Rock shows her perfect sense of style in wearing glamorous, edgy, rocky, and minimalists ensembles. Like Katerina, if you think you’re born to stand out, then this glam rock look is for you.

aviator sunglasses with hat

rocker chic necklace

If you want to nail glam rock style, then you have to look edgy but feminine. Try and find fitted styles highlights your womanly curves in dark shades like black, gray, red, and burgundy. Also, edgy fabrics like leather or denim and sparkly details like glitter and sequins add a bold statement. As for your accessories, prefer to wear corsets, gothic-style hats, bracelets, skull earrings, long strands of necklaces, rock-chic sunglasses, silver or gold jewelry, bangles, and anything that scream rock and glamorous feel as well as smoky eyes and rocker makeup. Black sunglasses with metal frames or the aviator ones can also add up to your glam rock outfit.

studded boots slouchy leather boots studded heeled sandals leopard print boots with rock outfit black boots with leather jacket

If you don’t have an ensemble of animal print, then you need to get one as it complement the texture of leather, spandex, and even denim. So, for your shoes opt for animal print like zebra or leopard shoes, provocative heels accessorized with studs, sequin and glitter platform heels, black leather boots, any black shoes, and even or rubber shoes if again you don’t want to for sophisticated styles. When choosing for sneakers, go for all black, black with white, or any loud color you like.

black cardigan with jeans graphic shirt with cardigan tartan button down shirt leather jacket with denim pants leather jacket with chic top

Though metallic tops add glamor to your rock style, you may also opt for feminine and chic tops spiced with leather jackets like Katerina did. If you don’t have a black leather jacket, go for a black vest as well as black cardigans or denim jackets. Plain white shirts, plain black tees, and tank tops are a great canvas for accessorizing glamorous pieces. On the other hand, graphic tees or button down shirts with more muted and classic prints like word prints, tartan prints, checks, and such to be dressed up by sophisticated accessories.

black leggings with rocker outfit distressed denim with leather jacket distressed jeans with studden boots leather trousers with glam rock outfitskinny jeans with rock chic outfit

The effortless trick in wearing glam rock style is to wear leather bottoms like leather trousers, leather skirts and patent leather shorts. If you don’t have leather then just go for black colored bottoms. If you’re not the pants type of girl, you can go for black shorts or skirts like pencil skirts, miniskirts, or pleated ones and wear fishnet stockings, black tights, or leggings underneath it to make it glam rock. On the other hand, if you like to sport denim, then opt for denim jeans, shorts, or skirts. You may not opt for distressed jeans in a skinny or boyfriend jeans style, but the tighter ones add sexiness to your rocker outfit.

leather sleeved dress coat lace dress with leather jacket burgundy maxidress with leather jacket black velvet dress

If you’re a dressy type of girl, you may sport anything leather with your dress. Katerina wore a leather jacket and gloves with a burgundy maxi dress and a leather sleeved dress coat with black leggings and leopard print boots.

Katerina’s street style looks have a glam rock uniqueness and touch. So, have fun and rock on and show off your glam rock fashion style on the streets.


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