Jewel Tones Trend: How to Wear Sapphire Blue

The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is often associated with loyalty, peace, and tranquility. It is cold and calm as opposed to red’s warmth and intensity. On the other hand, sapphire has been associated with sincerity, constancy, and truth. Wearing a sapphire blue on your style makes you and the people around you feel at ease and comfortable as it signifies loyalty. Wear blue whenever you want to represent peacefulness and fidelity. Also, fashion consultants recommend blue attires as a great option for job interviews.

sapphire necklace

blue scarf

Jewel tones have surged in popularity, and wearing jewelry with sapphire stones is an effortless way to nail the trend. Go for a minimalist look with sapphire earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and cocktail rings that can add a touch of shimmer to your look as sapphire tends to look richer in finer fabrics. But if you prefer a casual style for street looks, then sport a blue scarf around your neck and pair it with anything blue on your outfit.

blue bag blue shades blue shoes blue sunglasses

Blue accessories such as sunglasses, handbag, shoes, and bags are great to nail the jewel tones trend without giving huge commitment. Sunglasses in a blue frame or even in a blue tint shade are great to show off your sapphire blue spirit without looking overdone. Handbags can make or break any outfit. Since blue is a bold color, sporting a blue handbag with neutral outfits can revamp your style in an instant. Also, you may match your blue handbag with blue shoes, blue skirt, blue sunglasses and such. Shoes are a vital part of your style so feel free to sport blue strappy sandals, stilettos, pumps, and boots that are always good bets with neutral outfits and denim.

blue dress lace dress bluemaxi dress in blue

To nail the sapphire blue trend, opting for cobalt blue dresses are a great choice when you want to make a true fashion since it turns heads and looks great on many women. There is a lot of boldness in the color so make sure your own coloring can stand up to the powerful shade or else it may steal the show. Whether you are going to a casual walk on the town or heading out for a party, you can wear an eye-catching blue dress. A small touch of accessories such as metallics works with the blue dress. Since the color itself is a statement, better keep the rest of your ensembles neutral and simple.

blue and white blue coat blue topblue sequined top

For women who enjoy feminine looks, motifs of blue and cream are a magnificent choice. For an innocent and dignified look, wear a blue blouse in chiffon or cotton fabric with a mini or midi skirt in white. Also, lace, satin, and metallic details add up to the versatility of your lovely outfit. For a more dramatic look, you may wear a metallic or sequined blue top and pair it with denim shorts to balance the dazzling look. A blue coat would be a bolder statement since the color is eye-catching and statement itself.

blue fur skirt blue skirt

For blue skirts, you have the option to pair it with a neutral top or same blue shade. A lace top will add some dimension to your style and a same blue shade top will complement the overall looks. Feel free to play with textures on your skirts such as leather, cotton, fur, chiffon and such as long as it makes you feel comfortable.

blue and white matching set blue jumpsuit blue pants

For a casual yet sophisticated looks, opt for blue pants. Prints in blue shades give off a romantic feel so pair it with a cream solid colored top to keep the theme going. On the other hand, you may nail the jewel tones trend on sapphire blue by wearing a cobalt blue jumpsuit or a matching set of pants and suit. Just refrain from mixing other colors to keep the sapphire blue theme. Or else, you’ll be mistaken for nailing a Technicolor style.

Electric blue is a powerful color and yet representing strength and calmness. Don’t think of sapphire blue merely as a trend, but a color that flatters you. Be creative in incorporating this shade in your style so you’re not only nailing the jewel tones trend but also bringing the best looks of you as blue looks great on almost all undertones.



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