Jessica Wang: How to Bring Some Uniqueness to Your Street Looks

Being stylish on our fashion style may come naturally to some, but bring some uniqueness in them seems more challenging. Known for her experimental, expressive, edgy street looks, Jessica Wang, the mind behind the Not Jess Fashion blog, is fan of unique looks blending the different influences of grungy, athletic-inspired, feminine, and androgynous fashion together in her street style. If you’re looking for tricks to be more expressive and unique to your street looks, keep on reading to be inspired by her.

checkered boots with edgy outfit

flat boots with striped top golden heels with silk dress leather boots with knitted dress statement boots with stylish outfit statement clutch with all white outfit statement shoes with casual cool outfit statement shoes with leopard print top and shorts

Most of the time, it’s the overall look that makes Jessica’s style unique. But if you don’t know where to start, you may simply opt for unique accessories to match with your typical outfits to create unique looks. Whether it’s a checkered boots and statement cap for a grunge style or a chic clutch and statement heels for a feminine style, accessories can make or break your look so be tasteful in selecting them.

asymmetrical dress with boots chic dress with button down shirt and gladiator sandals fairytale-like outfit sexy maxi dress with statement heels metallic gold maxi dress

You may go for unconventional cuts and styles of your outfit to make your looks unique. Instead of just picking for sexy dresses with plunging necklines and short hemlines, Jessica opted for asymmetrical dresses, whimsical-detailed dresses, or even ones with gold and metallic embellishments. Every ensemble that is too long or too short than the usual style looks unique. So keep an eye on them as they may be great for showcasing your uniqueness while maintaining your feminine style.

denim jeans with statement tee distressed denim jeans with structured jacket distressed jeans with sexy top edgy jeans with leather jacket

You can still look unique and stylish even you’re not a dress kind of girl. Denim jeans with embellishments, rips, tears, and distressed features in unique looks can still look stylish and fabulous depending on what tops you’re going to wear with them. Wearing statement tops like a unique graphic tee, a sexy plunging blouse, edgy tops as well as unique footwear can complement the looks you’re aiming for. Like Jessica, be expressive on your outfits whenever you feel moody or experimental on various fashion styles.

burgundy trousers with edgy top edgy boots with black outfit edgy leather outfit with boots edgy outfit with statement boots edgy skirt with chic top edgy trousers with printed top

Adding some edginess with your unique looks doesn’t always mean resorting to leather ensembles. Though leather trousers, skirts, jackets, dress, and tops may be the simplest way to look edgy, you may look for other edgy styles that suit your personality. It may be a tomboyish look, borrowed-from-boys trend, edgy-chic look, or even glamorously sexy style that still looks unique. Jessica knows how to give some twist to her edgy looks by wearing edgy boots with her borrowed-from-boys look, wearing a high-waist skirt with her chic top, or even wearing knee-high leather boots on her casual jeans.

leopard print crop top and skirt with heels floral trousers with sexy off shoulder top floral dress with chic heels feminine maxi dress edgy jumpsuit with chic sandals edgy chic jumpsuit with structured clutch

Looking unique with prints and patterns may seem simpler and easier. Instead of picking the traditional colors of leopard prints, Jessica opted for a green and black combination of it that makes her overall outfit unique. Though jumpsuit may look chic and feminine, Jessica opted for an edgy animal print in sexy silhouette that made her outfit stand out. Floral prints in dresses may seem typical, but ones in graphic style and in one-sided style look much more unique than evenly distributed floral prints. Indeed, bringing some uniqueness to your street looks is one of the most creative ways to make a fashion statement on the streets.

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