Jessica Luxe: Quirky Fashion Style

Being quirky in your fashion style is not just a fashion statement but a creative way of expressing uniqueness in you. There are a lot of inspirations to draw from like looking to older movies, comic books, and even art. But, for real-life street looks, let’s have an ideal fashion inspiration to nail the quirky style in a fun and colorful way.

From Vancouver, Canada, Jessica Luxe is known for her quirky fashion style ranges from tailored to bohemian with an unexpected twist but always with confidence. Jessica finds inspiration in patterns and colors, as well as the desire to build something fresh and unique. In her personal blog, she showcases her creative pictures of cool outfits with folk-inspired, fun, and colorful outfits. Not to mention her white and purple dip dye hair that adds to her ethereal appeal.

futuristic metallic shoes

metallic silver shoes purple boots with funky outfit quirky shoes with floral dress red shoes with red jacket

If you would like to dip your toe into the quirky fashion style, start small with your shoes. Jessica opted for colorful shoes with quirky details and sometimes with a futuristic feel. Think of neon colored shoes, metallic shoes, futuristic designs of shoes, and even eccentric textures. Jessica creatively brings some eclectic touch to her velvet Doc Martens boots with flower details. Also, a funky color of boots like a purple one gives a quirky feel to a casual outfit.

quirky head piece with casual outfit quirky sunglasses with scarf rainbow colored umbrella red crown headband with quirky outfit studded leather gloves

Like Jessica, you may wear crown shaped headbands, cute sunglasses, colorful scarves, studded leather gloves, and even a rainbow-colored umbrella. As you can see, she just wore a crown headband with casual outfits and her accessories transformed the looks into a quirky style. Though it seems sort of weird, it ended up unique and colorful.

fur coat with leather dress fur jacket with leather trousers purple ensemble with all black outfit

On your tops, you may bring some quirkiness to your looks with fur, leather, velvet, and cashmere fabrics. Though fur coats are a glamorous fashion statement, when styled in an unconventional approach, the result will be quirky and unique. Playing on layers will be great too if you don’t have quirky pieces. Jessica wore a chiffon-like skirt in a half-tuck way with her all black outfit and the result is sleek and polished.

graphic print leggings patent leather trousers quirky skirt tartan print skirt

Leather trousers, graphic print leggings, unconventional skirt, and even a tartan print skirt are great staples to nail your quirky fashion style. Just polish your looks with quirky accessories like Jessica did. She opted for a crown-like headband, futuristic bands, Doc Marten style boots, and such and the casual looks turned into a quirky and understated looks.

colorful dress with leather jacket tiger print dress

When looking for dresses, opt for the ones with funky prints, animal prints, unusual graphic prints, and even abstract prints to add some fun to your looks. You may polish your looks with a fedora hat, a structured bag, chic shoes, and such.

striped outfit chevron print blouse

If you’re not a dressy type of girl, you may sport some prints in your blouse and pants. Mixing prints is a great way to show off your artistic skills and quirky nature. Mix the prints with different textures such as leather, chiffon, cotton, and wool to make a great contrast. Break the fashion rules and don’t be afraid to mix styles and pieces even from different eras.

Quirky fashion style is a way of saying “I am creative and unique.” So be tasteful in your styling preferences and rock your own quirky style.


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