It Girl Fashion Tips

Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – these ladies can be described as gorgeous, stylish, and statuesque. Considered darlings of fashion magazines, these trendsetters always grace the headlines with such elegance and panache. When you come to think of it, they are considered the “it girls” of today. Be just like these stylish ladies by heeding these easily-achievable it girl fashion tips.

It’s All About Balance

Traditional style – as well as it girl fashion tips – all go for balance. Wear loose with tight, wear black with white. If you want to look like the it girls of today, then consider balancing your look. You don’t need expensive clothes to achieve this. It’s as easy as pairing your structured blazer with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. Remember, an outfit that’s tastefully balanced can go a long way.

alexa chung balanced outfit

Look Fashionably Disheveled

While a coherent, organized look is truly stunning, it girl fashion tips dictate that looking fashionably disheveled is just as great. A loose strap, a half-tucked shirt, sloppily cuffed pants or slightly messy hair are just some of the stylishly unkempt looks that you can go for.

disheveled outfit half tucked top messy hair outfit

Accessorize your Basics

A basic outfit is a golden choice for days when you want to look neat and pretty. However, it girl fashion tips show that you need to add some accessories as well. Pearl earrings or thin-stranded necklace are just some of the minimalist examples that can make you look stylish – without all that unnecessary jazz.

olivia palermo basic outfit rosie whiteley basic outfit

Stand at the Edge

While a clean, minimal look is at the paramount of it girl fashion tips, there is no reason why you should not inject a unique piece into your current outfit. In fact, a pop of color can be the defining aspect of your fashionable ensemble. Sometimes, a simple moto jacket or fringe skirt can upgrade your look from boring basic to eloquently edgy. So everytime you go out, make sure to pull all stops in order to get that coveted it girl fashion style.

lupita pink dressgigi hadid fringe vest

Go the Extra Mile

Sometimes, an outfit can have a ‘unique’ piece that can make it prettier than it already is. There are times when a distinctive pair of shoes or a cool pair of sunnies is what you need to achieve the it girl fashion look. While going the extra mile is recommended for everyone, you should know better to make a pit stop every now and then. One or two edgy items is enough, so make sure not to go overboard when you go the extra mile!

olivia palermo camo flats gigi hadid unique coat lupita black top and yellow skirt

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