How to Wear Zebra Print Without Looking Tacky

Daring, sexy, and wild, zebra print can’t be tamed. This season zebra print is everywhere. Most zebra prints are the standard black and white, while other prints are less conventional featuring the color combinations of brown or pink. But if you’re new to the trend, keep on reading for our styling tricks to wear zebra print without looking tacky.

  1. Start with the shoes.

tartan dress with structured bag and zebra print pumps

zebra print shoes with casual outfit zebra print sandals with eclectic outfit

If you are still not sure about wearing such a dramatic piece of clothing, start with the shoes, but be sure to keep it appropriate for the event you’re going to. Black and white zebra stripes are more versatile compared to modern colored ones that will be perfect with your casual jeans, feminine dresses, matching suit, or even preppy outfits. If you have a monochromatic outfit, zebra print pumps will be great to add some accent to your outfit without looking overdone. However, if you’re wearing a brightly colored outfit, better go for zebra pumps in muted shades of brown, gray, or olive green.

  1. Wear the accent with your bag or scarf.

casual outfit with zebra print envelope clutch zebra print scarf with classic outfit white coat with zebra print bag

For minimalists, zebra print bag or scarf is a terrific accent piece as it will work well with neutral colors and with monochromatic outfits. Like Kristina Bazan, you may think of a zebra print clutch to dress up your tie-dye jacket and denim shorts making them look chic and bold. Go for zebra print handbags that will be perfect and versatile with any of your outfits. Structured bags, satchel, envelope clutches and such will take you from casual to formal looks.

  1. Wear zebra print dress or coats for a bold statement.

zebra print coat with jeans zebra print coat zebra print dress with panels zebra print dress with thong sandals zebra print coat with orange sandalszebra print dress

If you’re looking for a bolder statement, then go for dresses and coats with black-and-white zebra prints. If you’re wearing your plain tee and casual jeans, just top your outfit with a zebra print coat like Kristina Bazan did, making her casual outfit look chic. On the other hand, if you’re heading for formal affairs, just go for a zebra print coat to wear alone, or even with your short dresses. Coats are typically more versatile to wear than dresses so better have at least one zebra print coat that will take you from casual to more formal looks.

  1. Wear your zebra print with neutrals.

lace blazer with zebra print skirt zebra skirt with chiffon blouse zebra print top with structured coat and skirt zebra print skirt with metallic black blazer zebra print blouse zebra print blouse with leggings

If you think zebra print coat and dresses look so daring, then go for a blouse or skirt and pair it with your neutral pieces. Wearing a black-and-white zebra print skirt with a black chiffon blouse or a zebra print top with a gray coat and black skirt will create a cohesive and statement-making look. Neutral shades will balance your wild print making it look sophisticated and elegant. Black or white pieces will go perfect with your zebra print pieces, though shades of camel, navy, khaki, and olive green will be grounded enough to tame them too.

  1. Wear your zebra prints with other trendy pieces.

zebra skirt with graphic shirt zebra print top with skirt and structured clutch tweed blazer with cobalt blue blouse with zebra print skirt red suit with zebra print shoes colorful top with zebra print skirt

Mixing trends is a great way to try several different looks at once. Whether you’re a fan of print mixing, multiple layers, neon shades, unexpected color combination, color blocking or architectural trend, zebra prints will surely complement your stylish and fashion-forward looks. Indeed, zebra prints are one of the most fashionable prints you may go for a bold, wild, and stylish look.

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