How to Wear Zebra Print Shoes

Fashion-forward women may already know how to wear animal prints most effectively, but those who are new to the trend may feel out of their element. Most zebra prints are the standard black and white, which may make you feel more comfortable over other unconventional prints combining black with other colors, such as brown or pink. So, keep on reading for our styling tricks on how to wear zebra print shoes.

Wear zebra print as an accent.



For minimalists, zebra print shoes are a terrific accent piece as the shoes work well with neutral colors and with monochromatic outfits. If you plan to spice up your little black dress and plain outfits, think of a pair of zebra print pumps. Traditionally, zebra print is a lot more daring than leopard and snake patterns so it can pop. A natural first fit is either a black or white monochromatic look, but you may also consider other outfits that can really stand out with the added accent of zebra shoes.

Formulate your outfit with your shoes.

punk-outfit-with-zebra-print-pumps striped-backward-shirt-with-zebra-shoes zebra-print-sandals-with-eclectic-outfit

When first getting started with zebra print shoes, it is wise to start formulating outfits with the shoes first. Then the rest of the outfit comes together with the shoes as a base. If you’re attracted to quirky and eccentric statement, think of a pair of zebra print shoes that will go well with your trendy outfits. You may think of wearing your shirt backwards while wearing your zebra print shoes, or wearing a novelty print top that can be complemented by zebra print sandals.

Take advantage of zebra print shoes to mix prints in your outfit.

striped-coat-with-printed-zebra-shoes lace-blazer-with-zebra-print-skirt tartan-dress-with-structured-bag-and-zebra-print-pumps

If you have a trendy fashion personality, chances are you use zebra prints for the maximum impact possible. You may start by wearing zebra shoes with zebra print clothes, or mix and match animal prints. A cheetah print top, a leopard bag, and a pair of zebra print shoes make a huge statement. Also, you may opt for classic patterns like stripes, plaids, checks, houndstooth, polka dots and such that can go well with your zebra print shoes.

Make your shoes appropriate for the event and occasion.

zebra-print-shoes-with-casual-outfit red-suit-with-zebra-print-shoes casual-office-outfit-with-zebra-shoes

Sometimes the time of day or the event someone plans to attend dictates how to best wear zebra print shoes. Remember, zebra print shoes are a bit quirky and unconventional, so be careful wearing them to more formal occasions. If you wish to wear your zebra print shoes to the office, think of a black and white outfit, or a simple and streamlined look to avoid looking flashy. If you’re working in a creative workplace, wearing a bold colored pantsuit with a pair of zebra print pumps may be great. Indeed, zebra print shoes are one of the trendy staples every woman should have.

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