How to Wear Your LBD for Holiday Parties

The Little Black Dress is known for being a lifesaver during the holiday season. Whether you’re in a rush with no time to put together an outfit or the original outfit you planned just didn’t work out, you know you can always rely on your trusty ol’ LBD to save you from looking drab. Don’t have an LBD, go ahead and get one now! It’ll be a nice addition to your wardrobe and is sure to prove to be an investment later on. And, speaking of holiday parties, check out these tips on how to wear your LBD for holiday parties.

  • EMBELLISHED – for an outfit that’s truly attention – grabbing and eye – catching, pick out an LBD with dainty little embellishments on it like little stones and crystals or bead or whatnot. This will make your LBD look more interesting and all the embellishments on it will give it a more textured look which is great if your LBD is a little too plain and simple in terms of cut and style.

embellished back with pearls

embellished lbd outfit embellished neckline lbd

  • ALL BLACK – going for an ultra chic and sophisticated look for the holidays? Wear your LBD with all things black and you have yourself an outfit that’s sure to get you to Audrey Hepburn status. Make sure to add bits and pieces that will add texture to your look to keep it from looking boring.

all black casual lbd look all black lbd outfit olivia palermo all black outfit

  • CLASS IT UP – class up your look and take your LBD game to a whole new level by wearing it with gold accents and accessories. The combination of black and gold never ceases to make any outfit look classy and elegant. Another option to make your LBD outfit look more posh is to accessorize with pearls. This is sure to give you a very chic look.

gold chain chunky necklace and lbd] gold and black gold and black outfit

  • VAMP IT UP – now, if you’d rather have an outfit that’s sexy, vampy and a little edgy, too, you can always finish up your LBD outfit with red accents and accessories. A holiday party is the perfect excuse to wear smoky eye and red lip looks together so go ahead and go all out with your black and reds with those as well.

red accessories and lbd red and black vampy look red and black

  • A LITTLE FLIRTY – feeling a little flirtacious? Channel that into your outfit by going for a lacey LBD or one that features sheer panels that let your skin do a little tease and a little peek-a-boo. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit classy so you don’t end up with a trashy outfit for the night.

flirty lbd outfit flirty sheer lbd flirty tease classy lbd

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