How to Wear Vintage Fashion Modernly with Diletta Bonaiuti

An “It Girl” for Italian magazine Grazia and street style icon, Diletta Bonaiuti is known for her creative twist in wearing vintage fashion. Since she was born in Florence, she grew up entranced by the richness and history of the artistic town and cultivated creativity at an early age. Whether you’re a fan of 80-inspired booties or blue-green patent leather, keep on scrolling to scoop some of her tricks to wear the vintage fashion modernly.

vintage dress with turtleneck top and patent boots

vintage dress with white tee vintage dress with patent green boots vintage dress with patent boots vintage dress with leather jacket

If you think wearing vintage dresses will only make you look like coming out from your grandmother’s closet, then style them modernly to make it street style-worthy. Like Diletta, wearing modern footwear or creating stylish layers with your vintage dress will actually refresh your looks. A super simple raw dress punctuated by eighty inspired booties in blue-green patent leather looks fashion-forward and trendy nowadays. Wearing a turtleneck top underneath your vintage dress is a stylish trick to wear them modernly as creative and unexpected layers always look modern. Also, wearing a modern jacket, structured coat, architectural vest and such can be great to wear your vintage dresses modernly and effortlessly.

rainbow striped top with corduroy overalls turtleneck top with asymmetrical skirt and statement boots vintage top with boyfriend jeans and birkenstocks vintage top with denim jeans

Vintage tops, rainbow striped tops, turtleneck sweater, and even suede tops can look modern when worn with trendy ensembles. Just go for the classic colors of black, white, gray, and brown for a more versatile look. Like Diletta, think of wearing your turtleneck top with a leather skirt in asymmetrical style and statement boots to create a fashion-forward statement. You may also wear your vintage tops with the modern style of denim items like cut-off shorts, high waist pants, or skinny jeans to make it look a bit current and voguish.

vintage pants with white tee vintage skirt with structured blazer and gray tee vintage top with blue skirt ripped jeans with white top and blazer

Retro floral prints can easily look vintagey so avoid wearing them with vintage pieces. Like Diletta, you may think of wearing your vintage floral print pants with a contemporary top, or simply a plain white tee over lace-up blouses and peasant tops. If you’re wearing just a neutral colored top that doesn’t look modern nor vintage, then go for modern footwear like cut-out boots, sneakers, statement shoes, or color blocked sandals to refresh your old pieces.

vintage skirt with leather top and patent boots vintage boots with modern outfit vintage boots with denim jeans and fur coat pointed boots with leather mini skirt and collared top lace up shoes with modern belt and lace up top

Vintage footwear can still look modern and trendy as long as they’re in good condition and you’re going to wear them with a modern style. Instead of wearing them with peasant tops or lace-up tops alone, you may think of adding some modern accessories to refresh your overall outfit. A modern belt, structured bag, chic necklace, futuristic accessories and such can be ideal. You may also think of wearing your pointy ankle boots and patent leather boots with modern silhouettes of oversized coats, architectural dresses, or even structured trousers to refresh them.

Indeed, vintage fashion is one of the iconic looks that will keep you feminine and fashionable. Just be creative on styling your outfits so you’ll look fashion-forward and trendy on your street looks without throwing away your vintage pieces that can still look voguish and statement-making.

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