How to Wear Vintage Bags Modernly

Typically worn and prevalent during the 1940’s through the 1980’s, vintage bags are a fashion statement since nothing feels better than walking down the street with a beautiful vintage bag over your shoulder, knowing that no other woman will have the same bag. When it comes to vintage handbags, it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily wearing something old as it will last for years and years as well as giving a unique edge to your wardrobe. Looking for ways on how to wear vintage bags modernly? Keep on reading to assert a forceful personality and individual style that is unique.

leopard print shoes and vintage bag with casual chic outfit

statement shoes and vintage bag with casual outfit studded shoes and vintage bag with casual outfit

To avoid looking picking the bag from the ancient times, wear a statement accessory with your vintage bag whether it’s a scarf, sunglasses, shoes, belts, jewelry, hats and such to balance your looks and to make it feel more intentional. For instance, wearing a pair of statement pumps like leopard print ones with your vintage bag give some modern touch to your overall outfit. It will look better if your vintage bag and statement accessory are on the matching shade that provides a complement to your theme. Also, wearing a vintage bag with a pair of funky footwear does the same.

navy coat with vintage bag vintage bag with dress pants and button down shirt vintage bag with lace dress

If you want to draw attention away from your vintage bag, wear a dress, pants, or skirt that matches the color of your bag. This way, your vintage bag won’t look “too vintage” as it blends with the color of your outfit. If you’re having a black vintage bag, you may go for black, navy, or other darker shades of your outfit. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a white vintage bag, better go for a white lace dress or other pastel shades that can blend well with the color of your bag.

vintage bag with ombre dress vintage dress with vintage bag vintage bag with vintage dress

If you’re a fan of vintage fashion, you may wear vintage outfits with your vintage bag for a statement. Long dresses, vintage prints, earthy tones, and conservative styles work well with vintage bags. You may wear footwear that complements your style like clogs, mules, boots, sandals, and such. This way, you effortlessly channel your vintage style while keeping it feminine and chic.

distressed shorts and striped shirt with vintage bag frayed jeans and coat with vintage bag ripped jeans and tee with vintage bag vintage bagwith ripped jeans

For a modern but casual take on the style, you may count on frayed, distressed, ripped, and acid-washed denim pieces like jeans, skirts, and shorts to give a bold contrast with your vintage bag. You may still pair the shade of your denim with the shade of your vintage bag to avoid looking out of the place. Sporty footwear like sneakers, kicks, and even wedge sneakers can add to casual cool and urban looks with a touch of vintage.

structured blazer and pants with vintage bag sexy chic outfit with vintage bag modern outfit with vintage bag

You may also modernize your looks by wearing something modern on your outfit like a structured blazer, sheer top, crop tops, high-waist pants, cut-off shorts, leather jacket and such. This way, your look will be more polished, chic, and sophisticated. Feel free to go for neutral shades, classic colors, pastel colors, neon palette and such for a bolder statement.

Indeed, vintage bags add some elegance and sophistication to your style while keeping your looks unique and fashionable.



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