How to Wear the Winter White Fashion

While everyone else resorts to black once the cold weather hits, why not go polar opposite? When done right, winter white fashion is as beautiful as freshly fallen snow making you shine on all winter long. It’s not the easiest look to pull off, but when it’s done right it has stunningly sophisticated results. If you love to rock the chicest shade during the cooler months, keep on reading on how to wear winter white fashion perfect for the season.

knitted sweater with white denim

turtleneck top with white jeans and sneakers winter-white-casual-outfit winter white top with chic sunglasses

Instead of resorting to typical navy blue denim jeans, go for white ones that look great in the winter. White skinny jeans look great with chunky sweaters and knitted turtlenecks perfect for winter layers. Speaking of accessories, a winning way to wear white in winter is to break out those gold accessories whether it’s a necklace, belt, sunglasses, beanies, hat, scarves and such that will make your whites look priceless.

culottes with winter white coat turtleneck with white dress pants winter white corporate outfit winter white outfit with heels

That sugar-cube brightness is how winter white should look. However, you may still go for one shade off or slightly off-white like in the cream, ivory, or ecru for a flattering winter white effect. But if you’re still feeling self-conscious in such a light color, give it some weight with your accessories by opting for a slim brown belt with your white dress pants and turtleneck top, or a black structured bag with your winter white corporate outfit.

maxi dress with fur jacket white dress with white knee-high boots white maxi dress winter white coat with wide belt winter white dress with black tights and gloves winter white dress with statement shoes

If you’re going to wear a white dress in winter, always remember to dress for the season. Even a sweet white summer dress can quickly transform into a winter staple with the right layers or accessories. You may wear a short dress with thigh-high boots, or pair your white dress with opaque black tights and shoes to look chic with as little effort as possible. Also, the black and white color combination is classy and timeless, and wearing a winter white dress with black leather gloves, black tights, black boots, and a black bag pulls off the classic fashion style.

checkered skirt with oversized sweater skirt with chic top and coat white knitted top with skirt

A rich fabric makes all the difference when you’re wearing winter white, so mind your texture. Cashmere, fur, wool, velvet, heavy tweed, leather, knit, denim and fabrics with more heft have a depth of texture that fashionable and cozy enough for the winter. Supple fabrics project sumptuousness better than cotton, and wool-mix skirts are preferable to white shirts.

winter white outfit with sneakers winter coat with white outfit white coat with all white outfit statement fur coat with heels statement coat with white lace dress coat with white outfit and boots

If you’re unsure about rocking the winter white trend in the streets, a winter white statement coat will all do the trick. The cool thing about it, you can slip right out of it when you meet your friend at the local restaurant without leaving unsightly stains. Winter white fashion look best in winter season, but still can be worn past winter giving you a sophisticated and timeless style that makes a statement.



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