How to Wear the Sea-Inspired Fashion

We sometimes draw inspiration from nature when it comes to architecture, sculpture, art, and even in fashion. If you’re inspired on the ocean waves, starfish, seashells, sea creatures, and such, you may think of incorporating those details to your overall looks. So, if you wish to add some breezy vibe on your typical looks, keep on reading for our fashion tricks on how to wear the sea-inspired fashion.

Embrace mermaid silhouettes.

earcuffs with mesh top and mermaid skirt

navy mermaid dress with ankle strap sandals mermaid skirt with striped top acid washed mermaid dress with blazer

You don’t have to be a mythical creature just to look whimsical in your street style as you may opt for mermaid silhouettes on your dresses and skirts to channel the sea-inspired look. Though free-flowing fabrics mimic the waves of the sea, going for mermaid skirts and dresses add some flair to your looks, especially if it showcases fluid movements, ethereal, and vibrant attributes of the ocean. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, look glamorous on your upcoming evening party with a tube mermaid dress that looks feminine and sexy at the same time, especially if you’ve got those curvy hips.

Go ocean-inspired with ombre outfits.

cobalt blue and silver dress ocean inspired outfit ocean inspired ombre dress

Bring the mysteries of the deep to the surface by going for ombre outfits in the hues of blue. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may resort to metallic silver and cobalt blue combination on your dress that will add some elegance to your looks. Or, go casual chic with an ombre pair of pants and shirt that will make your street style sea-inspired instantly.

Embrace water-inspired prints or sea-creature patterns.

animal print maxi dress water inspired zipped dress ocean wave inspired dress metallic blue wrap maxi dress fish print jacket with quirky outfit bubbly water inspired dress

If you’re a fan of creative prints, think of going for water droplet patterns, splashes prints, or even fish prints that look a bit quirky yet sea-inspired. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, channel a sea-goddess inspired look with a bubbly maxi dress featuring water droplets and deep ocean colors. This way, you’ll make your street style more fashion-forward while giving back the inspiration to the Mother Nature.

Resort to scaly, sequined, and embellished ensembles.

mermaid inspired dress with heels statement top with flirty skirt statement skirt with blue blouse statement dress with sea inspired necklace

Mermaids and aquatic features are seen in glossy scales on their skin. So, think of mimicking the look by going for sequins and embellishments with similar features. Like street style star Olivia Palermo, think of a scaly skirt that will look statement-making even paired with a simple blouse. You may also think of mermaid-inspired dress with curves and scale-like details that will look feminine and playful at the same time.

Wear the sea-inspired fashion through your accessories.

seashell necklace with pastel top sea shell inspired jewelry pearl necklace with abstract print outfit pearl headband beautiful pearl necklace

If you wish to spice up your typical outfits, think of going for sea-inspired accessories like pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, seashell necklaces, headbands and such. A seashell-inspired necklace may look chic when worn with tank tops and casual shorts while pearl jewelry looks sophisticated that you can wear with any of your outfits. Indeed, a sea-inspired fashion is one of the inspiring looks to go for to channel some creative vibe on the streets.

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