How to Wear the Lug Sole Trend

Though lug soles are common in hiking boots for practical reasons, casual fashion footwear has adopted the lug sole as a fun design feature. Both functional and stylish, lug sole is a thick rubber sole with deep indentations that improves the stability of utility wear. If you’re looking on how to wear the lug sole trend with your street style, keep on reading for our styling tricks.

casual denim dress with lug sole sandals

leather jacket with jeans and lug sole shoesdenim shorts with half tucked shirtdenim jacket with skirt and lug sole shoes skinny jeans and blazer with lug sole footwear

The lug sole adds an instant casual integrity and chunkiness to the shoes, perfect for your casual street style. Ballet flats, clogs, sneakers, mules, wedges, loafers, boots and sandals are available with lug soles too. Think of your casual skinny jeans, denim jackets, denim skirts, denim overalls, denim dress and such that can look trendier and cool with these chunky soles. The chunky sole generally adds weight to the shoe, but sometimes foamy rubber lug soles are lightweight. So, feel free to look for ones with less pronounced indentations and thinner soles, as well as platforms or flats versions of lug soles.

lug sole loafers with leather dress lug sole shoes and cute clutch with tomboyish outfit oversized coat with jeansshift dress with lug sole footwear structured coat and casual outfit with lug sole footwear structured coat with skinny and lug sole shoes

Lug sole can be a more stylish version of oxfords and loafers that you can go for to partake the on the going borrowed from boys’ trend. Just think of a tuxedo blazer, jacket or coat to top your skinny pants. If you don’t want to look too masculine on your outfit, simply opt for structured outfits with sharp edges like a chesterfield coat or a double breasted coat in stiffer fabric. For a tomboy-chic look, just go for a plain shift dress with or without slits, and simply wear your lug sole shoes with socks and a drawstring bucket bag making it look effortless and cool. Wearing leather ensembles as well as oversized pieces with these lug sole shoes can make your outfit more statement-making and stylish.

asymmetrical tube dress with with lug sole footwear black dress with lug sole footwear burgundy outfit with lug sole footwear classic outfit with lug sole shoes crop top and midi skirt with lug sole footwear lug sole shoes with unique clutch and simple outfit retro floral dress with lug sole footwear

Lug sole footwear can look great not only for casual and edgy outfits but also for dressy and sophisticated ones. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may think of a feminine dress in asymmetrical cut to wear with your lug sole wedges, or simply opt for a classic black outfit to wear with your lug sole loafers like Chiara Ferragni did. Whether you go for a boxy or flouncy silhouette, lug sole footwear will add some edge to your looks effortlessly.

statement coat with lug sole footwear slit dress with lug sole footwear oversized sweater with lug sole footwear neon fur coat with skinny pants and lug sole shoes

Avant-garde silhouettes and creative layered pieces can look more stylish with these lug sole shoes. If you’re not a fan of a layered look, then simply go for a statement sweater to top your typical outfit like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein did. To make your all-black outfit look eye-catching, simply opt for a neon-colored fur coat like Annabelle Fleur wore making her looks effortlessly polished and stylish. Indeed, the lug sole trend can make your style more expressive and stylish without losing your unique sense of style.

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