How to Wear the Hippie-Boho Look This Spring

70’s hippie-boho style is one of the most sensational styles that serve as trends in the world of fashion. Despite the fact that it was viewed as “anti-fashion” and the decade of “a bad taste” by some people, many world-renowned designers constantly review this era, bringing back the looks of the ‘70s hippie-boho spiced up with a modern twist. Since the hippie-boho look is all about independence and a carefree style, keep on reading for inspirations on wearing them into your spring fashion.

Incorporate bohemian accessories into your spring outfits.

bandana scarf and combat boots with hippie outfit

fringe boots with white dress and tights floral head band with denim romper cowboy boots with blue dress combat boots with high socks and casual outfit lace dress with boho hat and necklace white outfit with burgundy hat and leather boots

You may start incorporating the hippie-boho look into your spring outfit with accessories like gypsy headband, floral headband, cowboy boots, cowboy belts, bohemian necklaces, tribal bangles, cowboy hats, bandana scarves, leather ankle boots, suede boots, fringe bags, and wide belts. This way, you’ll look more bohemian-inspired even you’re wearing your typical jeans and casual tee. Like Rachel Iwanyszyn, you may even go for a wide-brimmed hat and Dr. Marten boots with high socks to spice up your most basic outfit.

Go for crochet pieces to freshen up your looks.

crochet dress with cute hat white crochet dress with hat and boots crochet top with jeans crochet top in cream

Breezy and spring-inpired, crochet dresses, skirts, shorts, and tops can add a bohemian feel depending on how you’re going to style them. A crochet top will go perfect with a pair of blue denim shorts or a pair of black skinny jeans topped with earth tone accessories. Just skip the straw hat that feels summery and bright shades that will only take away the bohemian vibe in you. Keep in mind that the Bohemian fashion is all about the wild, carefree, and free-spirited vibe featuring the traditional, tribal, and iconic looks from the past.

Opt for suede items in earthy tones.

70s-fringed-jacket brown pants with white shirt suede skirt with edgy top suede on suede outfit with masculine shoes suede dress with trench coat

Suede can easily scream bohemian especially in the shades of camel, brown, red-orange, rust, burgundy and such. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may wear your suede skirt with a lace top and leather boots to give a great fabric contrast on your spring outfit. Suede is one of the touch-enticing fabrics you may go for, so take advantage of it to create fashionable looks in the spring season.

Go for fringes and flares to add some flair to your boho-hippie look.

fringe jacket with suede pants fringe skirt with suede top fringe skirt with lightweight blouse and hat

Fringes and flares are the trademarks of the hippie-boho fashion and incorporating them into your outfit will instantly make your street style carefree. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, go for a pair of flared pants and fringe suede jacket to show off your carefree vibe. For a modern take on the bohemian look, copy street style star Olivia Palermo of wearing a fringe suede skirt with her button down top and lace up heels that created a chic and sophisticated look perfect for the spring season.

Resort to capes and kimono for your outerwear.

cape with boho outfit suede boots with bohemian outfit kimono with boho outfit

Trade your classic trench coats and structured wool coats with breezy kimono and capes for a bohemian look this spring. Like Rachel Iwanyszyn, think of refreshing your leather top and denim short with a patterned cape and combat boots. If it gets a little warmer, then trade your cape with a kimono that looks effortlessly cool and breezy.

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