How to Wear the Embellished Trend

Trends are often eccentric and unconventional styles predominant in the runway looks but are now translated in real life. However, the embellished trend is one of the glamorous but not over-the-top looks you may go for if you’re aiming for statement-making outfits. Whether you wish to spice up your casual looks, or simply add some glamorous touches with your feminine style, keep on reading for our styling guidelines in wearing the embellished trend.

edgy black dress with studded backpack

embellished cap with embellished sweater festive outfit with studded backpack studded belt and clutch with black dress studded heels with denim on denim outfit

If you’re not a fan of sparkly accessories or neon colored ones, opt for embellished bags, caps, boots, shoes, and even hats to spice up your outfit. Just always make sure to wear coordinating accessories with your outfit to avoid looking like grabbing someone else’ bag. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, she coordinated her edgy outfit with a studded backpack that completed her looks. To look more coordinated, get a statement cap that matches the embellishments of your sweater like Chiara Ferragni. This way, you’re wearing the embellished trend in a polished and complementing way.

embellished top with color blocked skirt embellished top with purple skirt and black coat embellished top with draped skirt embellished sweater with jogger pants

Cozy sweaters, feminine blouses, sexy tops, and pastel tops will look more stylish in embellished details. If you got some that you’re thinking of throwing away, why not revamp its look by decorating them with chic ornaments and glamorous embellishments. Fashion blogger Blair Eadie made her casual outfit chic by opting for an embellished sweater with metallic, jewels, and gemstones details to pair with her flirty skirt. Are you a fan of Baroque era notable on their gold, opulent, and glamorous embellishment on their clothing? Then copy Chiara Ferragni’s style of wearing her baroque-inspired top with modern pieces.

embellished skirt with button down shirt embellished skirt with knitted cardigan embellished leather skirt with leather top and thigh high bootsembellished skirt with statement shoes sequin jeans with velvet blazer studded leather shorts with chic top

Embellished skirts and trousers may be a bit tricky to pull off especially if you’re heading for walks in the town as sitting and walking may pull those adornments off. To make your embellished bottoms friendly on your casual street style, opt for moderate embellishments like small sequins, studs, or metallic ones that don’t easily wear out. Then wear them with your basic or even casual pieces like a button-down shirt, draped top, tank top, leather top, and even a blazer. However, more pronounced styles and avant-garde embellishments look perfect in festive occasions as well as attending fashion weeks. So have some outfit inspirations from Olivia Palermo and Nicole Warne of wearing the embellished trend in a more expressive way.

embellished collared dress embellished dress with green army coat embellished dress with quilted bag embellished lace dress embellished midi dress with chic pumps embellished pastel dress with red shoes embellished pink collar dress

Embellished dresses are fashionable but may not always feel comfortable. Heavy embellishments may seem so uncomfortable for your casual walks, and so glamorous for your office outfit. So, like Nicole Warne, you may opt for embellished dresses that are only present on collars, hemlines, sleeves, or even on the front that you don’t have to wear the all-over embellished look.

embellished cape with boots embellished coat with black pumps embellished jacket with black dress and statement belt embellished outfit with clogs embellished skirt with cute top

Embellished coats, blazers, and jackets are more versatile that dresses and skirts as you can easily put them on or take them off when you feel. Colorful embellished coats are statement-making and perfect to wear for a glamorous occasion. However, if you’re looking for embellished outerwear that you can put with your daily outfits, then go for neutral shades of black, white, gray, and camel that look more timeless and classic.

Indeed, wearing the embellished trend takes some confidence and courage to pull off. But, it’s also a way of showing your bold personality and unique sense of style.

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