How to Wear the Cut-Out Fashion Trend

From the subtly seductive to the daringly exposed, cut-out fashion trend is a matter of showing a hint of skin in an interesting way. The trend comes down to highlight just the right amount of bareness and focusing on your body strengths depending on what works for you. From delicate cut outs to unique ones, cutaway clothing gives a personal touch to your style to sport it with confidence and make it your own.

all black cut out outfit

all white cut out outfit sheer cut out jumpsuit

Cut-out designs such as graphic slits, curvilinear cuts, and geometric slices gave a sculptural drama to the simplest silhouettes like an all black or an all white outfit. Whether you’re wearing a mini dress that looks so sexy or a maxi dress that looks too conservative, cut-out designs give some spice to your overall looks, especially in monochrome dressing. Though better saved for a special occasion and fancy events, this cutaway clothing can easily transition from day to night. For daytime, you may opt for a structured blazer leaving all the revealing for night hours.

cut out shoulder dress white cut out dress

Cut-out fashion trend is one of the best means to highlight your best features and taking the attention away from your flaws. Make use of these styles to redefine sexiness in a creative and more demure way. To highlight your shoulders, choose a dress with short or three-quarter sleeves that break free in the upper part of your body and keeping it on a loose fit on your bottom. Sticking to subtle cut outs on the arms, shoulders, and back is a safe way of introducing the trend to your style.

cute cut out tea dress printed cut out dress black cut out maxidress sexy sheer cut out dress

To accent your cleavage, you may opt for garments that feature triangular cut on your cleavage while keeping the rest covered or a smart, horizontal or diagonal cut that point to your decolletage without being too revealing. You may also reach for daring cuts on the chest area with sheer linings to tame your sexy vibe and make you feel more comfortable while moving around.

black and white cut out dress black cut out mini dress suede cut out dress white cut out maxi dress

To show peeks of ribcage or sexy waist, choose dresses with sexy side cuts and balance them by selecting light or dark shades to play up your features. If you’re a pear shape but having a sexy waist, you may add some alluring vibe to your looks by wearing white on your upper body and a black one on the bottom body to give some proportion to your figure. At the same time, your sexy side cuts give a sexy glimpse of your slim waist taking the attention from your bulky hips and thighs.

all white cut out outfit with lace up shoes color blocked lace dress striped crop top and skirt

If you take pride in your toned abs, pick a feminine dress with a precise midriff cutout with an alluring design. To look balanced, make sure your dress is not cut-out everywhere by sticking to a maximum of two cuts per garment like baring your shoulders and midriff at the same time. Just choose the type that will show just enough skin where you want.

asymmetrical cut out dress swimsuit with wide leg pants sexy crop top with white pants geometric cut out jumpsuit

But, if you’re feeling adventurous, you may pick more than three features of your assets like opting for a dress or jumpsuit showing off your shoulders, midriff, and thighs all at once. Just bring some blazer with you for covering up when you feel too daring or inappropriate for a casual setting.

sheer cut out dress gingham shirt with cut out skirt cut out tank with chic clogs

Opting for complementary accessories with your cut-out outfit like gladiator sandals, structured clogs, lace up sandals, and even asymmetric shoes look perfect with your style. Just be playful and creative with your looks to create a signature style that’ll turn heads.


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