How to Wear the Backward Shirts Trend

Styling a buttoned shirt may seem easy, except for when you start thinking about wearing said shirt backwards. It’s certainly unconventional, but the effect of a button-up worn backwards is indisputably cool, too. So, keep on reading for the stylish tricks to make the unconventional trend work for your street looks.

Make your casual weekend style unexpected with backward shirts.

backward shirt with boyfriend jeans

backward shirt with white shorts backward shirt with faded jeans backward shirt with cuffed jeans

The white shirt has always been a symbol for class and effortless style. You might wear it with your pantsuits at work and jeans on your weekend style. But if you’re seeking for a statement-making looks while keeping everything effortless, think of wearing them backwards just like you wear a basic tee shirt. This is the oddest trend that has appeared recently, but we all know that you can still the show by following an odd trend. Make your style more effortless by cuffing your jeans or going monochromatic with your denim shorts. It may be simple and basic, but it requires some personality and confidence to pull off.

Try to add more structure and unexpected flair to your basic shirt.

button down shirt with striped pants knot-shirt-with-ripped-jeans off shoulder button down shirt with culottes backward shirt with avant garde hairdress

Keeping your outfit sleek and structure is needed to make your looks polished, especially you’re about to wear a basic piece unconventionally. Since the button-down shirt is versatile, more than you can wear them with anything, their long-sleeved style and buttons can actually stir some creativity like wearing them in an off-shoulder style, one-shoulder look, and even in a cropped style. Just be creative to look original and unique on your street style and make those heads turn. Also, you may complete your looks by wearing eccentric headpieces, avant-garde accessories, quirky footwear and such that will look perfect for your eclectic theme.

Flaunt your sexy back creatively.

backward shirt with black skirt backward shirt with skirt backward shirt with pants backward shirt with jeans

Take advantage of the summer heat to wear open styles, and a backward shirt trend can be great. The backward shirts and all other buttoned-down tops are not supposed to be worn correctly every time. So, if you want to stand out in the crowd, should wear your shirts the other way around. For more summer-feel top, you can tie the ends or you can just button them on your back creating A-line or V-neck silhouette.

Make your trendy outfit intentional by wearing necklaces backwards.

backward top with colorful necklace backward shirt with necklace backward shirt with dainty necklace backward shirt with chic necklace

To avoid to look wearing your shirt wrongly, you must make your statement look intentional and bold. Wearing necklaces and body chains backwards can make your style transformative and fashion-forward. Just go for dainty necklace if you’re a classy woman or go colorful in bib necklaces if you’re woman with a romantic fashion personality. By following these simple tricks, you’ll be able to make your basic outfit trendy and your street style fashion-forward just like the fashion bloggers, fashion editors, and street style stars.

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