How to Wear Socks and Sandals the Chic Way

I think it’s funny how one trend can be a fashion faux pas today and the hottest thing tomorrow. Take socks and sandals, for example. If you wore sandals with socks a few months ago, you would’ve been the laughing stock everywhere you went. Today, though, wearing socks with your sandals is the most chic thing to do. Some still aren’t convinced into trying this trend out but if you like a little fashion risk / adventure every now and then, why not try to pull this one off? Here are some tips on how you can wear socks and sandals the chic way.


  • WEAR THE SAME COLORS – if you’re just about to dip your feet in the water and you just want to see how things go, you can play it safe by wearing the same color for your sandals and socks. This will make your sock – and – sandal combo a bit more subtle so it’s perfect if you’re a little intimidated or overwhelmed by the trend. Try to go for darker colors, too, since lighter colors tend to show more and are more obvious.

cute black sandals with black socks

leighton meester socks and sandals white on white socks and sandals black socks with black sandals

  • MAKE IT GIRLY AND FEMME – the Boho look is one good excuse to wear socks with your sandals. It’s also a great way to put lots of that girly and feminine vibe to the look. To pull this off, you’ll want to wear socks with strappy sandals. Keep it low – heeled and light – hued for that easy aura and pair it up with something dainty like a lace dress.

wedge and socks boho style strappy sandals and pink socks strappy sandals and sock cute girly socks and sandals combo

  • STICK TO NEUTRALS – another way to play it safe when wearing socks with sandals is to wear neutral colors. They don’t necessarily have to match or be the same color as long as both socks and sandals are neutral. White socks, for example, would look fantastic against nude sandals or black socks against white ones.

all neutral colors neutral color combo neutral black and gray simple neutral colors

  • DO IT WITH BIRKENSTOCKS – no clue on what sandals would look good with socks on? Birkenstocks always look great with socks so if you’re looking for an effortless way to rock the trend, you can try this combo. This is perfect for fall when you don’t want anything too dressy and glam but still want something trendy and cool.

birkenstocks and socks birks and socks chunky socks with birks olsen twins birks and socks

  • TURN IT UP WITH PRINTED SOCKS – think socks and sandals are boring? Add more attitude to your combo by wearing printed / patterned socks. This will make your sock – and –sandal combo more interesting. If you have a pair of printed / patterned sandals, why not do your own take on the print on print trend with those, too?

printed socks striped socks and sandals polka dot socks print on print socks and sandals cute printed socks and birks colorful striped socks


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