How To Wear Shorts In Autumn & Winter

Autumn is upon us while winter is fast approaching. For most fashionistas, the coming seasons mean a change in wardrobe – from skin-revealing clothing to warming yet shapely layers. Even with winter at hand, know that your bottoms should not be all about pants and tights. In fact, you can wear your favorite shorts even if it’s nippy outside! Here are some fashionable (and warming) tips on how to wear shorts in autumn and winter:

The Heavier, the Better

No, this does not pertain about your weight. Since shorts show a lot of skin, you need to work with those made from heavy fabrics for autumn and winter. Materials such as denim, brocade, tweed, corduroy and wool are great choices. Not only are they fashionable, they can keep your hoo-ha from freezing!

Chic with leather shorts

Trenchcoat and plaid shorts

Look Tight

To keep your legs from turning into ice, make sure to layer your shorts with tights. Break out of the box by choosing ‘livelier’ tights, such as those of teal or burgundy (or even the printed ones.) Add more flair (and keep warm along the way) by adding a pair of fashionable knee-high socks.

Biker jacket with denim shorts

Denim shorts with a down jacket

 Wear Outstanding Outerwear

What’s great about shorts is that you can pair them with any kind of outerwear. If you are on the chunkier side, go for form-fitting outerwear such as knitted cardigans and fitted blazers. But if you are blessed with a modelesque stature, you can go crazy with oversized sweaters, bulky cover-ups or trench coats.

Denim shorts for autumn

Layered tops, Denim shorts

Make the Shoe Fit

Another great thing about wearing shorts in autumn and winter is that you can virtually pair any kind of footwear with it! While boots might be your first choice, you will be glad to know that high heels, sneakers, wedges, brogues and oxfords can accentuate your look as well.

Shorts and sneakers

Denim shorts with brogues


No good autumn/winter outfit is complete without some garnishing here and there. A scarf is a versatile thing to have for these seasons, because they can keep you warm and fashionable all at the same time. A beret or bonnet, on the other hand, can keep you stylish (while preventing your ears from freezing.) As for the bag, you can choose whatever you want! A backpack or a designer handbag – it is up to you!

Denim shorts with printed tights

Funky blazer, Leather shorts

Before you re-arrange your wardrobe, know this: leg-revealing bottoms can make you look sexy (and warm) this autumn and winter. What are you waiting for? Revamp your cold season style today!

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