How to Wear Sequins During the Day

Adding sequins to a piece you’re wearing is the perfect way to up your glam game. If you’re doing a daytime look, though, adding sequins or sporting sequined pieces may seem a little too much just because it’s not usually done but don’t let that get you down. If you want to wear sequins during the day, don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise, not even these so-called ‘fashion rules’. They’re meant to be broken every once in a while anyway so why not start now? Here are some pretty cool tips on how to wear sequins during the day.

  • Accessorize with sequins – let’s start off with a low-key way to sport sequins: accessories. Wearing sequined accessories like purses, belts and shoes will give your outfit that nice yet subtle pop of glam that’s eye-catching enough but not too overpowering. To make sure you don’t go overboard with your whole look. balance out the bling by wearing simple and neutral classics like shirts and jeans.

sequined satchel purse

chunky sequines clutch gold sequin belt

  • Something optional – another safe way to wear sequins during the day is to wear it on something optional and removable like a jacket, a blazer or a cardigan. This allows you to wear it whenever you want and can. Doing it this way allows you to take off the sequined piece in case a part of your day (like meetings) calls for a less ‘glamorous and fabulous’ look and more of a simple one.

white and silver outfit cute daytime look with sequins

  • Black sequins – I think that black sequins are the least festive of the bunch so if you’re doing a daytime look and you want a more casual outfit, you can opt to wear black sequins instead. Wear your black sequins with a colorful non-sequined top to give it a nice and refreshing summer-y feel. If you’re doing this in the fall / winter, try wearing black sequined items with dark pieces to get a sexy, vampy kind of look.

pink dress black sequin jacket black sequin skirt black sequin shorts and sheer top

  • With denim – can’t quite work out how your sequined piece can fit in with your casual everyday look? How about wearing it with denim? We all know denim is the ultimate casual wear item and anything paired with denim instantly gets a more relaxed and laidback vibe.

denim shirt sequin skirt cute daytime look with sequins casual denim and sequins outfit

  • Minimalistic – another tip to wearing sequins during the day is to wear it minimally. One piece at a time, girly, there’s no need to go sequin-crazy. If you’re wearing a sequined top, try not to wear anything else with something equally attention-grabbing and eye-catching so you don’t have too much going on in one look alone. Instead, wear that sequined piece with something simple like a plain sweater or a pair of your regular shorts.

chic minimalistic sequin outfit plain shirt and sequins sequin patterned skirt and white top


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