How to Wear Printed Pants if You Are Bottom Heavy

Playful, colorful, and eye-catching printed pants are great to make a fashion statement. But if you’re bottom heavy, selecting printed pants that flatter you best may be challenging as wearing the wrong kind of prints will just draw the eye to your lower half making it look heavier. Though a bit risky, learning the basic styling tricks while adapting it to blend with your personal style will do all the work. So, keep on reading to scoop some fashion tricks on styling your printed pants.

striped pants with casual chic top

striped pants with knitted top

Skip the horizontal prints if you want to look taller and slimmer and go for a strong vertical print. Vertical patterns create an illusion of slender legs especially when it comes in one dark color with other lighter shade like black-and-white vertical patterns. Just keep in mind that even vertical prints can be unflattering if there’s too much volume of the fabric. So skip stiff, heavy, and voluminous fabric and go for something soft and flowy like silk or jersey to keep it from looking too bulky.

animal print pants with neutral top snake print pants with black blazer

You may think about adding a classic animal print like leopard, snake, zebra, and such. These prints are a statement but just skip mixing them with other prints to avoid looking too busy or overdone. Although animal prints are classic, you can still overdo it so keep the rest of your outfit low-key let your animal print pants be the focus of your look.

geometric print pants with button down shirt geometric print pants with white top geometric print pants with yellow blazer

You may also go for geometric prints with sharp edges like squares, rectangles, triangles, and such that will look best in black background. Sharp edges will create an illusion of slimmer bottom while rounded ones will do exactly the opposite.

colorful pants with white top matching blazer and pants

Choose a subtle allover print for your pants but opt for tightly spaced prints with just a little background showing. When there is a spacious background showing, it visually expands the area and makes your bottom half look bigger. So when going for prints and patterns, make sure they’re tightly spaced whether the prints or patterns are small, large, or oversized. Large or oversized prints can be really flattering if you have more print than background showing or else it’ll just accentuate your problem areas. For a streamlined look, team your top to the colors present in the prints.

paneled print pants with white top printed pants with gray top

You may look for printed pants with dark side panels to give some slim outline to your heavy thighs. No matter how busy the prints and patterns are, the dark colored panels will instantly neutralize the widening effect through its vertical silhouette. When picking for side panels, better opt for darker shades like black, burgundy, or navy or else it’ll just widen your bottom part.

checkered pants with blue shirt flared pants with blue blouse skinny pants with sailor jacket skinny printed pants with yellow blazer

Choose a flattering style and cut for your printed pants if you’re bottom heavy. If your pants are too skinny you may look stuffed into them, too full and you are overwhelmed by print. So be careful in picking the style especially if it’s a fit and flare style as it may widen your bottom areas when worn improperly. The flare should begin on the thinnest part of your legs to give you some slender silhouette. You may also skip pleats and fullness as it won’t look right with the print. Bootcut style balances out wider hips and fuller thighs. Skinny jeans make your legs look longer and thinner that can be a great choice for you.

As you have seen, you can still wear printed pants even if you’re bottom heavy. It’s all in the right color, right prints, and right style of pants. Make use of these fashion tricks to make a stylish statement with your printed pants.

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