How to Wear Oversized Clothes and Still Look Stylish

Gone are the days when women dressed up in fitted clothes and body-hugging pieces. Today, especially this fall, wearing oversized clothing is the trend and, to be honest, it’s really comfy, too! I know a lot of women are concerned about how to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish though and that’s quite understandable because, let’s be honest, it can be tricky to achieve a fabulous looking silhouette if you’re wearing loose and baggy clothes, right? If you’ve been dying to try out this trend but have no idea how or where to start, here are some tips that you might find useful.

  • Find balance – the key to successfully pulling off oversized clothes is to keep your look balanced. Balance in your outfit can be achieved in many ways. Of course, you know that this means that when you have something oversized on, you’ll have to have something rather fitted to complement it as well. Mixing and matching the right pieces to achieve a balanced silhouette is important if you want to look stylish instead of sloppy.

oversized robe cardigan

massive oversized scarf knit cardigan and mini dress

  • Keep the rest of your outfit fitted and slim – still in line with finding and keeping the balance in your silhouette is keeping the rest of your outfit fitted and slim. If you’re wearing an oversized sweater or coat, stay away from baggy jeans and go for leggings or skinny cut pants instead. This will help keep your silhouette looking even and proportionate.

gray knitted oversized sweater fuzzy red oversized coat huge coat and overalls

  • Cinch tops with a belt – if you’re worried that the oversized sweater you have will make you look too big and shapeless, cinching it around the waist with a belt can really help heaps. Cinching oversized tops will give it a better shape and will also help create the illusion of a shapely silhouette so you get to keep that sexy look even when you’re all bundled up.

belted oversized cardigan brown leather belt and oversized coatthick black belt and oversized knitwear

  • One at a time – the oversized trend is a statement and therefore oversized pieces should be treated as such. This means that you can only wear one oversized (statement) piece at a time and nothing more. Aside from keeping the outfit from having too much going on, this will also help you avoid getting a really bulky silhouette. Don’t wear that oversized sweater with an oversized coat on top. Doing so will overwhelm your frame and make you look like a toddler in your mom’s clothes.

dress and oversized coat gray tweed cape plaid coat oversized

  • Boost your height – speaking of overwhelming your frame, if you don’t want your oversized piece to ‘swallow’ you in, creating height is a must. Wear heels and choose a pair of pants that make your legs look longer. This will cancel out the overwhelming vibe of the oversized piece and make your silhouette look more proportional.

turtleneck sweater outfitplatform shoes and belted sweater uber large ves

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