How to Wear Over the Knee Boots for Every Body Type

Over the knee boots are one of the biggest fashion trends for winter this year but let’s be honest here, part of the reason why they look so good is because you always see them on models’ legs which are long and slender and perfect and all. Once you try them on at the mall, you realize that they’re not really that cute on. Unless, of course, you know which pairs to go for and how to style them. If you’re itching to try out the OTK boots trend but have no idea how to make it work for you, check out these tips on how to wear over the knee boots for every body type.

  • TALL – if you’re tall then you’re in luck because you really don’t need to do anything much to pull off over the knee boots as long legs make wearing them a whole lot easier. Wear them with dresses to highlight your legs and draw attention to them or with shorts (tights underneath optional) for a more street style feel.

tall girl boots outfit

tall girl leather jacket and otk boots tall girl otk boots

  • ATHLETIC – women with an athletic body built often shy away from girly trends because they feel that these don’t look flattering on them but the truth is, with a little tweaking, most girly styles would look great on athletic gals. Take the OTK boots trend, for example. To make this trend work for an athletic built, go for a slouchier style (but not too frumpy) then pair it up with your usual outfits.

slouchy boots outfit slouchy boots

  • PETITE – petite ladies are the most challenged when it comes to wearing over the knee boots. When done wrong, OTK boots can be overwhelming for a petite figure. To be able to successfully and stylishly pull off an outfit with over the knee boots, choose bottoms with a slim silhouette like leggings or skinny jeans and pick out a top that doesn’t cover the waistline. Obviously, it would help if you wear a pair that has high heels on them, too.

petite girl otk boots petite girl with otk boots petite outfit with otk boots

  • CURVY – curvy girls are one of the best when it comes to rocking a pair of over the knee boots. They can make it look sexy and super chic (guaranteed that they wear it with the right pieces, of course). If you’re not convinced, take a look at the Kardashian sisters and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Curvy girls in real life can pull off the trend by opting to wear darker bottoms in a similar color to their boots. This will create an illusion of slenderness and length which will keep your from creating more ‘curves’ where unnecessary.

curvy girl wearing otk boots cute curvy girl outfitcurvy girl outfit

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