How to Wear Orange and Look Fabulous

Orange is one of the colors that never fail to invoke the feeling of Halloween. It’s nice and warm and is really unique. However, because it’s not something that a lot of people wear all the time, some are actually a little overwhelmed by the richness of the color which is why they tend to shy away from it. If you’re up for a little fashion adventure, why not try wearing this gorgeous color? Here are some tips on how to wear orange and look fabulous.


  1. Try orange lipstick – who says you only have fashion as a means to try out this bold color? If you feel you aren’t ready to wear a color as intense as orange for your everyday looks, you can give it a go by wearing orange lipstick instead. It’s a lot easier to get away with since orange is a universally flattering lipstick
  2. Start small – now, if you feel like you are ready to take on some orange clothes, i suggest you start small — especially if you aren’t sure whether or not this color compliments your skin tone. A pop of orange here and there is sure to give your outfit a nice touch. Try a pair of orange shoes, or an orange scarf, or may a piece with orange accents for a nice subtle touch.pop-of-orange-fall-outfit pop-of-orange
  3. Anchor it down with neutrals – if orange is a little too overwhelming for you, you can always try taming it down and anchoring it to a nice, solid neutral color. Black and orange is a great combo if you want a sophisticated look. White and orange is great for summer but works well in fall too.neutral-top-and-orange-cardigan neutral-black-and-orange
  4. Explore color combinations – another way to look really good in orange is to wear it with complementary colors. This is especially so if you are not sure whether or not the color orange itself is good for your skin tone.color-combination-citrus-colors color-combination-classic-orange-and-blue
  5. Choose interesting styles and silhouettes – my favorite way to get away with wearing orange frequently is to wear it in interesting styles and designs. Instead of choosing a plain orange shirt, why not wear something a little more complex like a lace up top, or maybe a cute and trendy dress?interesting-style-head-to-toe-orange interesting-silhouette-orange-outerwear
  6. Try it printed – orange got you feeling intimidated? Perhaps a little bit of fun will make it easier for you to pull it off. Instead of going with a solid orange piece, you can try wearing orange with fun prints. Classic prints are fine, too, of course.printed-orange-outerwear printed-orange-dress


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