How to Wear Office Wear Outside Work

Much has been said about experimenting with your casual clothes so you can incorporate them to your usual office wear styles. But why not try the opposite? Here are some tips that can revolutionize your work wear – so you can sport them outside the office as well.


Of all the classical office wear styles, the blazer is always in the style mix. While it can be boring at times, you can make it look more vibrant by pairing it with a funky or playful garment. Balance the blazer’s structured look with an amorphous top, a flirty dress or a frilly skirt.

blazer and mini skirt

Of course, don’t forget to accessorize. A statement necklace or neon hoop earrings are just some of the additions that can downplay the seriousness of the work blazer.

blazer and maxi skirt

Silk Shirt

The silk shirt is one of the top choices for office wear styles. While one might remind you of your boss’ fits of rage, you can turn your fashion memories upside down by styling it for a casual day out. A fun idea that evokes resort chic includes pairing your silk shirt with an edgy maxi skirt.

blue silk shirt and maxi skirt

It also looks good with shorts, as long as your legs are capable of withstanding the cold spring air!

silk shirt and shorts silk shirt with shorts

Simple LBD

A simple LBD is one of the best office wear styles you could ever have. It is in fact, its simplicity, which makes it ideal for day and night functions. Loosen up your style a bit by experimenting with your simple LBD. It can be as easy as layering it with a rough, spunky topper, such as an oversized camouflage jacket.

camo jacket and LBD

Another stylish option consider – if you are gunning for the western chic look – is topping it with a chambray shirt with tied ends.

chambray shirt and LBd

Pinstripe Trousers

Pinstripe trousers are some of the pillars of classical office wear styles. Although they are made for corporate fashion, you can play them up for casual days out. A popular topper for this work wear is the crop top, both of which complete a great fashion equation for spring.

pinstripe trousers
blue pinstripe pants

Feeling too cold outside? Create a rock chic look by favoring the moto jacket over the boring and traditional blazer.

moto jacket and pinstripe trousers

Pencil Skirt

Of all the office wear styles out there, the pencil skirt proves to be most versatile of all. Unlike other office staples, a pencil skirt needs only a few tweaks and touches in order to become the focal piece of your casual outfit. A graphic top, as well as a funky sweater, are just some of the good toppers to wear for a lunch date with your bestie.

graphic top and pencil skirt sweatshirt and pencil skirt graphic sweater and pencil skrt

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