How to Wear Neoprene This Summer

Traditionally used for making wetsuits, neoprene is a like a leather of summer. Neoprene has become the latest high-tech synthetic darling of the fashion industry and designers are doing so many awesome things with the material this season. Since the fabric impart an updated look to familiar silhouettes, keep on reading on how to wear neoprene this summer.

Neoprene Tops

boxy top with skinny pants

full skirt with boxy top floral print neoprene top with floral pants

You’re probably most familiar with neoprene as a spongy, synthetic rubber, used in wetsuits for water sports such as water skiing and scuba diving. Since the neoprene in today’s fashions is often fused with wool, rayon, cotton or other fibers, the result is a figure-flattering garment with exceptional body. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, opt for a floral print neoprene top with a boxy silhouette that will go perfectly with your fitted floral print trousers.  Add more texture with suede pumps and a leather bag like she did and you’ll create the most unexpected look in the season.

Neoprene Dresses

boxy white dress with strappy sandals structured neoprene dress peach neoprene dress with yellow flats and pink scarf graphic print neoprene dress floral print neoprene dress emerald green neoprene dress

Neoprene, though, is dense and can be warm to wear for spring or summer. So, prefer those neoprene dresses in sleeveless items or those with short cap sleeves. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, look summer inspired neoprene dress in a tube style with floral print patterns that can be perfect for summer getaways, picnics, and beach. A simple sleeveless shift dress in neoprene looks sculpted, giving you a contoured silhouette that doesn’t wrinkle or cling. The same goes for a gored dress with a full skirt that looks as though it was stiffened by a crinoline. Since the contoured structure makes a statement on its own, simply spice it up with a pair of brightly colored shoes and silk scarf on your bag like Veronica Popoiacu did.

Neoprene Skirts

chic top with slit neoprene skirt white tee with neoprene skirt neoprene skirt with striped top and hat mermaid skirt with casual top floral print top with neoprene skirt

The appeal of neoprene is structure. Without much more than the fabric itself, designers have created sculptural masterpieces that walked down the runway for spring. You may think of architectural, mermaid, peplum, or even sculpted skirts that will look fashion-forward on the streets. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, make the neoprene work in the summer by going for a brightly colored skirt with slit that can keep you cool in the heat. Or, add some flair to your basic white tee as the structure of a gray neoprene skirt will make your overall looks modern and trendy.

Neoprene Shorts

sporty top with neoprene shorts chic top with yellow neoprene skirt

Neoprene shorts float away from your body that’s why they can be perfect in the summer. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, complement your pastel blouse with solid-colored neoprene shorts. Or, make your sporty chic style breezy by teaming your jersey top with neoprene shorts like fashion blogger Jessica Stein did. This way, you’ll make you summer style more fashionable and trendy while keeping you cool in the heat.

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