How to Wear Mom Jeans Like a Supermodel

When you were young, you have probably seen your mother in high-waist pants – denims we now know as mom jeans. It might have been tacky before, but it is definitely making a fashion comeback! Wear your mom’s old jeans like a stellar supermodel by following these trendy tips:

Cuff the Ends

Shorter is better, especially when it comes to mom jeans. Some ends open widely, but in order to show your thin legs, make sure to cuff the ends.

cuffed mom jeans

mom jeans with heels

Style it With a Sweater

This winter season, the best way to wear your mom jeans is to pair it with a chic sweater. This classic look is perfect for days when you want to look chic, but you are just too lazy to spruce up your over-all appearance.

blue sweater with mom jeansblack sweater and mom jeans

Wise it Up for Work

Want to wear your mom jeans during casual Fridays? Then bundle it with a classy or button-down blouse. The formality at the top can balance the stylish nonchalance below.

white button down top and mom jeans

black classy top and mom jeans

Charm Your Way With a Crop Top

Even if you have a flabby tummy, you can wear a crop top – as long as you pair it with mom jeans. These classic denims highlight your figure with its high waist. At the same time, this opening pushes in your stomach. With that being said, a crop top and mom jeans is match made in fashion heaven.

white crop top and mom jeanscrop top and mom jeans

Tuck it In

For a simple yet stylish look, wear your mom jeans with a simple, tucked-in top. It’s perfect for casual dates and strolls, as you don’t have to be conscious about your form or appearance. Talk about laidback.

white tee and mom jeans

mom jeans with strappy heels

Break it With Boots

For a grunge, rock chic look, wear your mom jeans with lace-up boots. You need not necessarily wear it with a black top or a leather jacket – as you can achieve a classier look by wearing it with a printed top, such as the one below.

mom jeans with boots

Mom jeans are not just reserved for mothers anymore. Raid your mum’s closet and reinvent the look by taking these tips into fashion consideration.

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