How To Wear Micropleats This Summer

Last fall and winter, pleated skirts have become an unexpected trend. But now looking back, there was no question to it. The pleats add a little breezy texture to an outfit that would have typically consisted of heavy and thick fabrics. Plus, the micropleats would be flattering to almost any body type. It was a huge hit.

In the spring and summer, the pleats would easily blend in the seasons’ staples even more. But after the months of conjuring pleated skirts in dark and winter-ready ensembles, how do you get it right for this season?

Below we have gathered some ways for you on how to wear micropleats this summer.

Nothing screams summer than colors. Lots of pastel or bright colors. Assemble an outfit filled with light neutral colors, pastel, or vibrant colors. Or you can mix them all up! You want that totally cheerful and summery vibe and your outfit will look even better when the sunlight hits it right. The breezy texture of the pleats already gives off a playful feel to the outfit and this is even more emphasized when worn with pastel or bright colors.

bright yellow top and nude micropleats for summer

pastel pleated skirt for summer

Of course, if too much color is not your thing, always remember that black and white will never grow old. Even during summer, you can still be minimalist and wear black and white attires with micropleats. But to make it feel appropriate for the hot season, it is best to stick with lightweight fabrics. Thin cotton, lace, or lightweight silks. Accessorize them with light neutral bags or jewelries to have light colors dominate your look.

micropleats skirt and crochet white micropleats skirt for summer

Instead of layering up the upper half of your outfit, pair your micropleats skirt with just one article of clothing. It could be a shirt or tank top or even a crop top. I highly suggest going for a tank top with thin straps as those are super trendy these days. But if you do wear a spaghetti strapped top, I think it would be best to wear a strapless bra underneath. The bra strap may spoil the outfit.pleated skirt and crop top for summer pleated skirt and floral top

If you are looking for other ways to wear micropleats other than pleated skirts, then you can always go for a dress. A dress in micropleats is totally perfect for summer and especially when you wear it in the beach. You wouldn’t really need much more to accessorize it with. A straw hat will look good and minimalist jewelry. But let your micropleats dress own the spotlight.oversized pleated halter dress for summer

You can also wear a pleated culottes. I mean who are we kidding: pleats + culottes? That’s the total summer look! Now, you may not be able to pull off an all-silver outfit like Olivia Palermo did, but there are plenty of pleated culottes in neutral or pastel color. Just think of it like a pleated skirt but more casual.pleated culottes for summer

The great thing about pleated skirt is its never-ending versatility. You can wear micropleats for a formal evening dinner or a casual Bohemian stroll on the streets. So wherever you may wear your micropleats this summer, I’m sure it will look amazing.pleated skirt earthy colors for summer brown micropleats for summer

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