How to Wear Metallics During the Day

It can be said that metallic belong the night, with its glistening embellishments and what not. While this holds true, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear your favorite metallic pieces at daytime. Avoid looking like a disco ball in noontime with these foolproof tips on how to wear metallics during the day.

Be Simple

Metallics attract enough life by itself, so it is best if you pair it with a dressed-down option, such as a simple tee or skinny jeans. This is one of the best ways on how to wear metallics during the day, especially if you’re just headed to the mall or the bank. Tread lightly with the accessories, as a metallic piece has enough bling as it is.

shirt and metallic skirt

metallic skirt sporty top and metallic skirt

Be Formal in a Blazer

A blazer is one of the most versatile items a girl like you could ever have. Not only is it fitting for work, it is one of the solutions for how to wear metallic during the day. A neutrally-colored blazer can tone down the shimmers of your metallic outfit. Best of all, it can keep you warm through the chilly autumn days.

blazer and gold pantsblazer and metallic skirt

Be a Sneakerhead

Sneakers are not just for athletic or casual outfits, as you can use it with how to wear metallics during the day. A black or white sneaker can add that dash of quirkiness to your otherwise formal metallic outfit.  Most importantly, sneakers can keep you comfortable throughout the day. Who says you can’t have fun in your formal metallic outfit?

metallic outfit with sneakers sneakers and metallic skirt

Bag it Up

If you want a more sophisticated way on how to wear metallics during the day, you have come to the right page. More than just your sparkly outfit, you can outshine them all – even in the middle of the day – with a metallic bag. Forego the usual clutch and favor bigger totes and backpacks. After all, you would want a handbag that can accommodate all of your needs.

metallic handbags metallic backpack

If the Shoe Fits

The issue of how to wear metallics during the day does not reside solely on your outfit. It can depend on your footwear as well. If a metallic top or bottom is too much for you, then make sure to channel the trend in your shoes. As with most fashion rules, the key to pulling the dramatic metallic shoe look is to wear simple items with it. Throw on a white shirt and boyfriend jeans and you’re done!

rihanna gold shoes gold metallic shoes gigi hadid metallic shoes

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