How to Wear Luxe Fabrics with Everyday Outfits

Luxe fabrics like silk, cashmere and velvet are the ones that we often keep and reserve for special occasions but if you’re like me who considers everyday to be special, I’m pretty sure you also have some piece made from luxe fabrics that you try to use for everyday ordinary looks. There’s nothing wrong with saving that special silk top or that gorgeous velvet coat for a special event but I personally prefer to get the most bang for my buck and use my special pieces as much as I can. It’s a great way to give yourself that special feeling every once in a while anyway. If you think doing this is just too ritzy, check out these ideas on how to wear luxe fabrics with everyday outfits.

  • PAIR THEM UP WITH DENIM – pairing anything fancy with denim is always a surefire way to dress the glitzy piece down. A silk top, for example, would make a great street style outfit when paired with jeans and heels. The denim jeans lend a very casual and relaxed vibe to the look, making the silk piece appear easier and more laidback.

silk shirt and jeans

nude shirt in velvet and jeans

  • CHOOSE SIMPLER SILHOUETTES – when shopping for pieces made from luxe fabrics and you have wearing them for everyday outfits in mind, opt for simpler silhouettes. A cashmere sweater, for example, would make a better everyday luxury piece compared to a very dressy velvet dress. Silk shirts, leather pants, Egyptian cotton tank tops – these are just some everyday pieces you can get in luxury fabrics.

gray silk shirt white cashmere sweater maroon velvet blazer and jeans

  • KEEP UP WITH TRENDS – another way to dress down a piece made from luxe fabrics is to wear it with trendy pieces. Keep up with the latest street style trends and style your luxe pieces along with what’s hot right now. This will give it a more street style kind of vibe instead of the usual ritz and glitz.

vintage look velvet jumpsuit silk top and midi skirt knitted sweater and velvety

  • ACCESSORIZE WITH IT – if you thought you can only wear your silks and velvets on clothes, think again! Clothes are not the only fashion items made from luxurious fabrics. You can find accessories made with these, too! If sporting luxe fabrics with everyday clothes is not something you can get yourself to do, why not accessorize with them instead? It’s a much subtler and simpler way to add a touch of upscale vibe and elegance to your outfit.

leather handbag silk scarf outfit velvet purse

How do you like to wear luxe fabrics for everyday looks? Are you all for sporting it and owning it or are you more of the shy type who would rather wear it really subtly?



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