How to Wear Leggings Like a Pro

Leggings are versatile and comfortable alternative to trousers, but fashion rules keep on reminding us that leggings are not pants. For a clothing item that’s incredibly simple, black leggings surely inspire a lot of perspectives, though they can now be found in more modern, creative, and artistic styles. Whether you’re thinking of wearing them with simple flat sandals, under skirts, or more structured outfits, keep on reading for our styling tricks to wear them just like a pro.

  1. Treat them like a pair of sheer tights.

black leggings with rocker outfit

polka dots top with black leggings leopard print coat with leggings and boots leather leggings with button down shirt and birkenstocks

Many women made the mistake of wearing leggings like a pair of pants just like wearing them with shorter tops while exposing their rear. Remember, only wear leggings with shorter tops when you’re heading to the gym, or else, you’ll look inappropriately sexy on the streets. Instead, treat them like a pair of sheer tights that you’ll only wear with longer tops as well as shorter bottoms that need more coverage. Button-down shirts, tunic tops, pencil miniskirt, cut-off shorts and such are great pairs with your leggings.

  1. Wear them with a dress or slit skirt.

dress with metallic leggings and lace up heels leggings with lace up sandals and slit maxi dress with boxy top geometric print dress with leggings forest green dress with leggings

Wearing them with midi dresses and maxi skirts with slits can also be great. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, make your street looks trendy by wearing your feminine dress with your black pair of leggings. This way, you’ll be able to dress down your too sophisticated outfit, making it appropriate for a casual walk in the town. For a fashion forward look, you may copy Christine Centenera’s style of wearing a pair of leggings with the matching shade of your lace up sandals, resembling the look of peep toe boots in a more creative way.

  1. Balance your outfit by wearing leggings with layered tops.

burgundy leggings with turtlenecck shirt and cropped sweater with leggings olive green button down shirt with leggings leggings and button down shirt with structured coat and sailor cap

If you’re a fan of layers, balance your heavy top with a pair of black leggings that feels more lightweight compared to a pair of denim jeans. Whether you’re going for a pair of leather, spandex, or cotton leggings, it will do the tricks for you to look effortlessly cool in the spring season.

  1. Wear your leggings with coats.

avant garde puffer coat with leather leggings oversized architectural coat with leather leggings and gold boots classic trench coat with leggings camel coat with liquid leggings

Wearing jeans with coats is more traditional than a pair of leggings, but since leggings are more breathable than your denim pants, it doesn’t hurt going for them. Like Kristina Bazan, you may keep the color contrast on your leggings and boots low so you’ll create a longer vertical line, therefore you’ll appear taller and leaner than you actually are.

  1. Channel your personality with a graphic pair of leggings.

graphic print leggings with green top edgy hoodies with printed leggings colorful leggings with shirt

Leggings now come in a wide range of styles that you can take advantage of to channel your personality with ease. Graphic leggings featuring abstract patterns, wild prints, graphic silhouettes, and even paintings can be great to make a statement effortlessly.

When wearing leggings, always stick to your fashion taste but welcome the novel ways of wearing things as long as it flatters your personality. After all, fashion is a means of expressing yourself through the clothes you’re wearing.

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